Представляем вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) за 2010-2011 год для 9-11 классов.  Ответы находятся после вопросов - в конце страницы.


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

Прослушайте текст:


Listen to the text and choose the correct answer


1. The city can boast the ancient … .

A) theatre B) cinema C) library


2. The amphitheatre has … seats on both levels.

A) nineteen B) forty two C) twenty three


3. The high parapet proves that … .

A) there are five entrances onto the stage

B) fights were held there

C) spectators used to walk there


4. The form of the stadium resembles the letter … .

A) T B) U C) V


5. The stadium used to hold … twenty thousand people.

A) much than B) more than C) less than


6. … was decorated with statues of athletes.

A) The stadium B) The stage C) A huge building


7. Two in every three of the spaces were … .

A) the stadium B) the theatre C) shops


8. … shops are connected to each other.

A) All the B) Some of the C) Modern


9. The wall to separate a part of the stadium was built … .

A) not long ago B) in the third century C) recently


10. The guide wants to show the … .

A) suburbs B) castle C) main street



Read the text and insert the right form from the variants below


There was once a young student who was in love with the daughter of a Professor, but she had said that she would only dance with him at the Prince’s ball if he … (11) her red roses. Unfortunately, the student had no roses in his garden. While he … (12) in his garden … (13) nightingale heard him and felt sorry for him because she believed that he was a true lover. She decided to help him, and flew to a rose tree to get him the rose he needed. But the rose tree had only white roses. Another rose tree had only yellow roses. At last she found a rose tree which grew red roses but this year, … (14) the severe winter, it didn’t have any roses. The nightingale begged the rose tree … (15) her how to get a red rose. Reluctantly the tree explained that she … (16) to kill herself by pressing against a thorn while singing. After a moment’s thought the nightingale decided to do this. … (17) night came and the nightingale sang all night pressing against a thorn, as she … (18) promised, until she died. The next day the student found the red rose and rushed to the Professor’s house to give the rose to the girl and … (19) her of her promise. The girl, … (20), was more impressed by the jewels than by the poor student’s flower. Disillusioned, the student went home and returned to his books.


11. A) brings B) would bring C) brought


12. A) cried B) was crying C) had cried


13. A) a B) the C) no article


14. A) because B) because of C) as


15. A) to say B) to tell C) to tell to


16. A) must B) have C) would have


17. A) Eventually B) However C) Although


18. A) has B) had C) would


19. A) to remember B) to remind C) to mind


20. A) however B) although C) moreover



Fill in the correct preposition or verb


21. Take your jacket … . It’s warm here.

А) on B) out C) off


22. You should fasten your seat belts when the plane takes … .

А) off B) away C) down


23. She really takes … her mother.

А) at B) after C) about


24. Most of the space in the room was taken … by a large table.

А) out B) up C) into


25. He seemed quite taken … by the news.

А) aback B) along C) about


26. Children under 16 … up half the population of the city.

А) make B) fix C) take


27. Her parents died and she was … up by her grandmother.

А) taken B) brought C) kept


28. He has … up photography.

А) taken B) kept C) made


29. You’re walking too fast. I can’t … up with you.

А) go B) turn C) keep


30. We arranged to meet Dave last night, but he didn’t … up.

А) take B) turn C) catch



Select the word closest in meaning to the one underlined


31. Everyone was astonished to hear of the latest news.

А) surprised B) unhappy C) worried


32. The committee failed to make any headway.

А) profit B) progress C) agreement


33. The chairman reported a slight increase in the production.

А) great B) disappointed C) small


34. Our position was undermined by the opposite party.

А) conspired B) splintered C) weakened


35. She utterly misrepresented their position.

А) completely B) purposely C) surprisingly


36. He doesn’t perceive all the consequences of his actions.

А) accept B) understand C) admit


37. There has been a protracted discussion over the issue.

А) explosive B) heated C) lengthy


38. She paid the delivery man grudgingly.

А) generously B) unwillingly C) quickly


39. One thing was sure; the future looked bleak.

А) discouraging B) spoiled C) promising


40. The plans for reorganization were acclaimed by the employees.

А) criticized B) praised C) accepted



What does the given sentence mean?


41. He doesn’t know what she’s like.

А) He cannot decide what gift to buy.

В) She is really a bad person.

С) He does not know her very well.


42. I came across his report while clearing out my office.

А) I expected to find his report.

В) I replaced his report.

С) I found his report by chance.


43. I wish I hadn’t asked her to stay.

А) I hoped she would stay but I didn’t ask.

В) I’m sorry that I asked her to stay.

С) I’m sorry that I didn’t ask her to stay.


44. You weren’t meant to read that report.

А) You should not have read that report.

В) That report has no meaning for you.

С) You will not be permitted to read that report.


45. Chances are slim that the economy will improve.

А) The economy is having a slow recovery.

В) The economy should be better quite soon.

С) The economy will probably not get better.


46. Were it up to her, we’d all be dismissed.

А) She will make the final decision.

В) She would like to fire everyone.

С) Some people will be separated.


47. Should you see her in London, give her my regards.

А) You might see her.

В) You have to see her.

С) You must see her.


48. Only when I hear from you will I relax.

А) I only relax when I hear from you.

В) I won’t relax if I hear from you.

С) Unless I hear from you I won’t relax.


49. Since you are in town, you’d be crazy not to give her a call.

А) If you call, she will think you are crazy.

В) She thought your call was rather silly.

С) It would be a good idea to call her.


50. The butler could hardly have been the one who did it.

А) The butler tried hard to do it.

В) It was not likely that the butler had done it.

С) The butler almost did it.



Do you know English and American literature?


51. A. Christie has written lots of … stories.

А) adventure B) fantastic C) detective


52. Miss Marple is the character of the books written by … .

А) A. Christie B) A. Conan Doyle C) G. Chesterton


53. Sherlock Holmes is the character of the books written by … .

А) A. Christie B) A. Conan Doyle C) G. Chesterton


54. One of the greatest authors of "ghost” stories is … .

А) M. Twain B) J.D. Salinger C) E. Poe


55. His real name was William Sydney Porter.

А) O’ Henry B) M. Twain C) Ch. Dickens


56. His real name was Samuel Clemens.

А) J. London B) O’ Henry C) M. Twain


57. The novel "Jane Eyre” was written by … Bronte.

А) Charlotte B) Emily C) Anne


58. The words "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” belong to … .

А) Hamlet B) King Lear C) Othello


59. He was not born in Ireland.

А) O. Wilde B) B. Shaw C) Ch. Dickens


60. The novel shows the events of the Civil War in the USA.

А) "Gone with the Wind” B) "American Tragedy” C) "Farewell to Arms”


1 —A

11 —C 

21 —C

31 —A

41 —C 

51 —C 

2 —B

12 —B

22 —A 

32 —B 

42 —C

52 —A

3 —B 

13 —A

23 —B 

33 —C

43 —B

53 —B 

4 —B

14 —B 

24 —B

34 —C

44 —A 

54 —C 

5 —C

15 —B

25 —A

35 —A 

45 —C 

55 —A 

6 —C 

16 —C 

26 —A 

36 —B 

46 —B 

56 —C

7 —C 

17 —A 

27 —B 

37 —C 

47 —A 

57 —A

8 —B 

18 —B

28 —A 

38 —B 

48 —C 

58 —A 

9 —B 

19 —B 

29 —C 

39 —A

49 —C 

59 —C

10 —C

20 —A 

30 —B 

40 —B 

50 —B 

60 —A 

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