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Прослушайте текст:

Listen to the dialogue and find the correct answers

1. Jill and Mark are going to have some … .
A) juice B) tea C) hot chocolate


2. Jill’s got … homework to do this weekend.
A) no B) a little C) a good deal of


3. Mark asks his sister to help him on … .
A) Friday
B) Saturday
C) Sunday


4. Mark says he can’t … when the teacher explains.
A) make his head work
B) understand anything
C) listen


5. Mark is bad at … .
A) Mathematics
B) Physics
C) History


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6. Mark feels … to ask his teacher for help.
A) happy B) ashamed C) angry


7. Mark’s sister helps him … .
A) with pleasure
B) willingly
C) unwillingly


8. Jill wants Mark to … .
A) do homework by himself
B) do her a favour
C) be punished


9. Mark will have to improve his Maths as … .
A) he wants to be the best in class
B) he finds it very interesting
C) it may be useful for his future job


10. Jill is planning to finish her homework on … evening.
A) Friday
B) Saturday
C) Sunday


Read the letter and choose the right alternatives

Dear Ann,
I’m glad that you can come to Aberdeen in July. I’m sure you … (11) like it here.
I expect you’ll find it … (12) difficult to understand us in Scotland. We speak English, of course, but with a Scottish accent. We … (13) our own Scottish language, Gaelic.
I can’t speak it. It’s very old and very difficult. Some people in the Western Highlands and … (14) the Western Isles still speak it.
Let me tell you a few things about Aberdeen. It’s the third largest city in Scotland after Edinburgh and Glasgow.
It’s famous … (15) an oil town because there are a lot of oil rigs in … (16) North Sea. But don’t worry, the beaches are clean. You won’t be covered in oil when you … (17) out of the sea.
We live in a detached house not far … (18) the centre. It’s about twenty minutes … (19) bus. I’ve got a sister.
She’s quite nice.
Well, I hope this information is interesting for you.
Please write back and … (20) me about your family.
Love, Fiona.


11. A) will B) are liking C) going to

12. A) little B) a little C) a few

13. A) have also B) have too C) also have

14. A) on B) at C) out

15. A) as B) like C) with

16. A) a B) the C) no article

17. A) would come B) will come C) come

18. A) near B) from C) at

19. A) by B) on C) in

20. A) say B) tell C) say to


Choose the appropriate modal verbs

21. It’s impossible! He … have taken the money!
A) was going to B) can’t C) have to


22. I … remember her address.
A) can’t B) should to C) ought


23. You’ve broken my cup. You … it!
A) needn’t take B) didn’t need to take C) needn’t have taken


24. I was pushing the door with all might – but it … open!
A) shouldn’t B) wouldn’t C) hadn’t


25. He sees very poorly. He … wear glasses all the time.
A) has to B) ought C) can


26. The painting … be a masterpiece, but the colours are wonderful!
A) ought not B) may not C) must not


27. It’s Sunday tomorrow and we … to go to school.
A) mustn’t B) shouldn’t C) don’t have


28. I will be worried, so you … phone me every evening.
A) must B) have C) should to


29. To save money you … take a sandwich to eat on the train.
A) must to B) ought C) should


30. We’re going to this performance! I … buy two tickets at a very ridiculous price!
A) might have B) was able to C) could to


Guess his or her job

31. The man in the picture is … .

A) carpenter
B) lumberjack
C) plumber


32. He writes articles for newspapers and magazines.
A) journalist B) newsreader C) butler


33. She comes here in the morning to tidy up the place.
A) cleaner B) tutor C) librarian


34. He designs roads and bridges.
A) builder B) engineer C) mechanic


35. He keeps and checks financial statements.
A) yard keeper B) accountant C) mechanic


36. He operates on people to save their lives.
A) psychologist B) surgeon C) vet


37. The person in the picture works as … .

A) chef B) painter C) waiter


38. He cries ‘Cut!’ when shooting a film.
A) film director B) cameraman C) actor


39. This person makes bread and cakes for sale.
A) butcher B) baker C) cashier


40. This person helps people with mental disorders and human problems.
A) teacher B) porter C) psychologist


Select the word closest in meaning to the one underlined

41. Tim failed to accomplish the task.
A) to fulfil B) to enlist C) to designate


42. Is he good at solving problems?
A) dealing with B) deciding C) coping


43. We’ve bought a new stove recently.
A) cook B) cooker C) plant


44. I’ll give you some useful advice.
A) tips B) sentences C) orders


45. She was vague about her plans.
A) definite B) plain C) uncertain


46. The kids seemed to be sleeping.
A) emerged B) appeared C) thought


47. John is a real underdog.
A) winner B) failure C) pet


48. The journey was very tiring.
A) exhausted B) exasperating C) exhausting


49. He couldn’t put up with it any longer.
A) remember B) bear C) explain


50. The criminal was sent to prison.
A) janitor B) jail C) jet


Read the adverts and find the club for each speaker

51. “There’s a stadium near the building so we often have classes in the open air.”

52. “I’m free in the morning, so I’ll enjoy going there.”

53. “I became the editor-in-chief of a club newspaper. I am the head of games section.”

54. “It’s fantastic! We communicate, travel and share cultures on a world scale!”

55. “I used to go swimming when I was younger. It’s high time I started that again.”

56. “My father is a very experienced programmer, and I want to be like him!”

57. “I am a university student so the course fee will be lower for me.”

58. “My Spanish is getting better and better so I’d like to join a more advanced group.”

59. “I prefer well-qualified staff to help me with my wrestling.”

60. “In this club I was taught to connect printer, scanner and webcam to my notebook.”

Британский Бульдог: ответы 2012-2013 год 7-8 классы

1— В

11 — А

21 — В 

31 — С 

41 — А 

51 — С

2 — С 

12 — В 

22 — А 

32 — A 

42 — А 

52 — С 

3 — А 

13 —С 

23 — С 

33 — А 

43 — В 

53 — В 

4 —В 

14 — А

24 — В 

34 —В 

44 —А

54 — А 

5 — А

15 — А 

25 — А 

35 — В

45 — C

55 — С 

6 — В

16 — В 

26 —В 

36 — В 

46 — В

56 — В 

7 — С 

17 — С 

27 — С 

37 — C 

47 —В 

57 — А 

8 — А 

18 — B 

28 — А 

38 — А 

48 —С 

58 — А 

9 — С 

19 — A

29 — С 

39 — В 

49 — В

59 —С 

10 —А 

20 — В

30 — В 

40 — С 

50 — В 

60 — В

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