Представляем вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) за 2009 год для 7-8 классов.  Ответы находятся после вопросов - в конце страницы.





Прослушайте текст:

I. Listen to the tour guide and choose the correct answer


1. The tour starts … .

A) in the centre B) in the old town square C) near the church


2. The tour probably takes place in … .

A) January B) July C) October


3. The monument to Jan Hus is in the … of the square.

A) centre B) eastern part C) northern part


4. The monument to Jan Hus was built in … .

A) 1346 B)  the fifteenth century C) the twentieth century


5. How many churches do they see during the tour?

A) Two B) Three C) Four


6.  … was used in the film "Amadeus”.

A) The theatre B) The market C) The small church


7.  It was used in the film because … .

A) it hasn't changed B) it's beautiful C) it has good acoustics


8. The independence was announced in … .

A) 1346 B)  the fifteenth century C) 1918


9. The Community House … .

A) has good acoustics B)  was used in the film C) has a famous cafe


10. The church is very popular with the … .

A)   tourists B) citizens C) spectators



II. Read the text and fill the gaps with prepositions


Dave is a bank clerk in London . He thinks his job is boring – but the salary is good. He lives in a small village and goes to work … (11) train and then the underground. It's a long journey – he leaves home at half past seven – and people ask him why he doesn't move nearer … (12) London, but Dave prefers to live in his village. He doesn't like crowds, smog and traffic and he loves going … (13) long bike rides or walks in the country when the weather is fine. He also has a lot of friends in the village and he doesn't want to lose them.


He arrives … (14) the bank at nine and usually finishes at half past five. He gets … (15) home at about seven o'clock. He has an hour for lunch, at one o'clock. When the weather is good, he often buys sandwiches and eats them in the park near his bank. When it's raining, or cold, he goes … (16) a small cafe for lunch.


Dave's girlfriend, Liz, is a student at Reading University and lives in a small flat near her university … (17) three other students. Dave and Liz met two years ago when they were both in Spain … (18) holiday. Dave would like to marry her when she graduates from university next year, but Liz prefers to wait … (19) two or three years before getting married. They don't meet during the week because Liz is busy … (20) her studies, but they usually spend the weekends together.


11. A ) by B) on C) in


12. A ) in B) to C) at


13. A ) in B) out C) for


14. A ) at B) in C) near


15. A ) to B) by C)


16. A ) at B) for C) to


17. A ) of B) with C) near


18. A ) at B) in C) on


19. A ) for B) about C) nearly


20. A ) at B) in C) with



III. Read the text again and find the right answer


21. Dave doesn't enjoy working in a bank.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say


22. Dave would like to live nearer London .

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say


23.  Dave likes his village as there aren't crowds, traffic and smog.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say


24. Dave lives with his parents.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say


25. Liz is going to graduate from university next year.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say


26. It takes Dave … to get to the bank.

A) little time B) much time C) two hours


27. Dave … .

A) always brings sandwiches from home

B) returns to work after lunch at two 'clock

C) doesn't have lunch when it's cold


28. Dave and Liz … in Spain two years ago.

A) enjoyed the holidays B) got acquainted C) spent


29. Liz and Dave … .

A) are getting married next year

B) usually meet at weekends

C) are going to Spain for their holidays


30. Dave would like to marry Liz … .

A) next year B) at the weekend C) in two or three years



IV. Choose the correct answer


31. The teacher asked … read the next paragraph.

A) her to B) her that she C) that she


32. I don't understand … you're trying to say to me.

A) that B) what C) which


33. I … to walk until I was nearly two.

A) couldn't B) wasn't able C) didn't able


34. Her grandfather … a policeman in London .

A ) used to be B) used to being C) is used to be


35. Susan is going … holiday next Christmas.

A) on B) at a C) to a


36. Visitors are expected … between 9.00 and 11.00 daily.

A) arrive B) arriving C) to arrive


37. … he studied hard, he didn't pass the exam.

A) However B) Even though C) Despite


38. "… the truth”, his mother said.

A) Tell me B) Say to me C) Tell to me


39. She usually takes a sandwich to school … she gets hungry.

A) in case B) although C) however


40. Look out! That stack of plates … any moment now.

A) will fall B) is going to fall C) is falling



V. Choose the correct word


41.  Today only about five hundred Amur … live in the Far Eastern forests.

A) taigas B) tiger C) tigers


42. When he … the answer, he usually puts up his hand.

A) no B) know C) knows


43. It has … a wonderful day!

A) been B) bean C) being


44. The ship set … for Jamaica .

A) sale B) sail C) sailed


45. She threw the ball … into the air.

A) hi B) high C) highest


46. World … II broke out in September 1939.

A) Wore B) Warn C) War


47. Let me give you a … of advice.

A) piece B) peace C) pieces


48. I bought a … of shoes yesterday.

A)   pair B) pea C) peas


49. She wore her hair in a … .

A) plate B) plaque C)   plait


50. You'd be … stiff in a job like that.

A) board B) bored C) bore



VI. Choose the correct variant


51. The capital of the United Kingdom is … .

A) Glasgow B) London C) Edinburgh


52. On this day children dress up as ghosts and witches because it's … .

A) Valentine's Day B) Christmas C) Halloween


53. Agatha Christie is the "queen” of … stories.

A) "ghost” B) adventure C) detective


54. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument to … .

A) Nelson B) Henry VIII C) William the Conqueror


55. Which is not a university town?

A) Bath B) Oxford C) Cambridge


56. Shakespeare was born in … .

A) London B) Stratford-on-Avon C) Oxford


57. Which is the symbol of the republic of   Ireland ?

A) The rose B) The daffodil C) The shamrock


58.  There are … stripes on the American flag.

A) twelve B) thirteen C) fourteen


59. The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by … .

A) the UK B) Canada C)   France


60. America was not free from British rule until … .

A) July 1776 B) January 1777 C) February 1783


1 —B

11 —A

21 —A

31 —A

41 —C

51 —B

2 —B

12 —B

22 —B

32 —B

42 —C

52 —C

3 —C

13 —C

23 —A

33 —B

43 —A

53 —C

4 —C

14 —A

24 —C

34 —A

44 —B

54 —A

5 —B

15 —C

25 —A

35 —A

45 —B

55 —A

6 —A

16 —C

26 —B

36 —C

46 —C

56 —B

7 —A

17 —B

27 —B

37 —B

47 —A

57 —C

8 —C

18 —C

28 —B

38 —A

48 —A

58 —B

9 —C

19 —A

29 —B

39 —A

49 —C

59 —C

10 —B

20 —C

30 —A

40 —B

50 —B

60 —A

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