Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2014-2015 год для 7-8 классов.




Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the recording and find the correct answers

1. … adults will accompany the pupils to London.
A) Two B) Three
C) Four D) Five


2. The pupils will go to London by … .
A) boat B) plane
C) car D) bus


3. The journey to London will start … .
A) at 7:30 B) at 8 o’clock
C) at 8:30 D) after lunch


4. The room in the hotel is for … pupils.
A) one B) two
C) three D) four


5. The trip to the London Eye … .
A) is cancelled
B) has been planned before
C) will arranged
D) is impossible


6. The pupils will do the shopping on … .
A) Thursday B) Wednesday
C) Tuesday D) Monday


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7. The last place the pupils are going to visit before going home is … .
A) Covent Garden
B) the multiplex cinema
C) Oxford Street
D) the Natural History Museum


8. The pupils’ parents have to wait for their children … .
A) in the classroom B) at home
C) near the school D) at the bus station


9. They are not going to visit … .
A) the London Eye B) the British Museum
C) the Tate Gallery D) the Tower


10. The group will spend … in London.
A) a week B) four days
C) three days D) two days


Read the text and fill in the most suitable words

Sir Laurence Olivier is world famous for his outstanding artistic achievement in the theatre and cinema. If you saw him on the stage you would understand why he is constantly … (11) the best critics’ attention. If you saw him on the … (12) you wouldn’t forget the … (13) he created. He is … (14) changing because he wants to … (15) the audience awake. He believes that the audience wouldn’t respond if he did what he was … (16) to do. In this he … (17) the advice given by Feodor Chaliapin to an actor: “Never do what the audience expects you to do.” If he himself hadn’t had qualities that widen your vision, and … (18) to your understanding of the world, he wouldn’t be … (19) as a distinguished actor. These qualities are: thorough knowledge of the play, artistic … (20), physical, intellectual and spiritual strength, an ability to identify with the role.

11. A) losing B) taking C) attracting D) producing
12. A) film B) movie C) cinema D) screen
13. A) views B) images C) visions D) imaginations
14. A) recently B) especially C) constantly D) consistently
15. A) keep B) take C) prevent D) preserve
16. A) excepted B) expected C) accepted D) insisted
17. A) fails B) keeps C) follows D) believes
18. A) add B) pay C) count D) sum up
19. A) decided B) regarded C) resolved D) concluded
20. A) installation B) inefficiency C) imagination D) appointment


Choose the correct answer

21. He used … a lot when he was in the country.
A) swam B) to swim C) swim D) swimming

22. She isn’t used to … so hard.
A) work B) worked C) working D) works

23. We can’t go to this caf? because it … rebuilt.
A) is B) was C) is being D) was being

24. It was so difficult to get used to … early.
A) get up B) got up C) gets up D) getting up

25. The teacher … the pupils to get ready for the lesson.
A) says B) said C) tell D) told

26. The guide said that Greece … the country of ancient culture.
A) is B) was C) were D) will be

27. I would like to have my room … .
A) paint B) painted C) paints D) painting

28. Ann … English for five years.
A) learns B) learned
C) was learning D) has been learning

29. If it … , I’ll stay at home.
A) rains B) will rain C) rained D) doesn’t rains

30. My friend said that she … me with my test.
A) helps B) will help C) helped D) would help


Complete the sentences

31. He can’t do it alone. You should give him a … .
A) hand B) lift C) advice D) advices

32. I’m in a hurry. Can you give me a … ?
A) help B) lift C) tour D) signal

33. You shouldn’t be so naive and take everything … .
A) away B) apart C) home D) for granted

34. The pupils must learn the poems … .
A) by heart B) for sure C) by head D) by memory

35. He took … of the good weather to paint the shed.
A) hand B) disadvantage
C) advantage D) part

36. He is fond of playing … on people.
A) fun B) smile C) jokes D) games

37. The teacher advised Ann to pay more … to her  progress at school.
A) attitude B) attention C) approach D) anxiety

38. The contest takes … every four years.
A) place B) stage C) seat D) space

39. He was seriously ill and … behind his class.
A) fell B) took C) was D) get

40. The man wanted to … revenge on his companion.
A) pay B) give C) bring D) get


Choose the best option

41. ‘She has got a fine complexion’ means I like … .
A) her figure B) her height
C) that she is plump D) her skin colour

42. My friend is fond of collecting … .
A) marks B) pages
C) grades D) stamps

43. Her father hates going to the … .
A) shops B) shopping
C) magazines D) buying clothes

44. He knows everything, that’s why his friends call him a walking … .
A) book B) notebook
C) encyclopedia D) genius

45. My friend gave me a new … of the cake.
A) recipe B) prescription
C) remedy D) subscription

46. He bought a new digital … to take pictures during the trip.
A) photographer B) photograph
C) camera D) film

47. We all liked the design of the new … .
A) money B) credit
C) banknote D) change

48. Some people in the country don’t like the … policy of the government.
A) domestic B) inner
C) inside D) introvert

49. Television, radio, newspapers and journals are means of … .
A) bring information B) service
C) mass media D) mass information

50. I like this travel agency because they always offer … .
A) package tours B) complex programs
C) complicated tours D) packages


Find the English equivalents for the underlined American variants

51. She got up and put on her bath robe.
A) swimming suit B) dressing gown
C) dress D) uniform

52. I came into the bathroom and turned on the bath-tub faucets.
A) bath taps B) towels
C) bath buttons D) handles

53. The view from his apartment was fantastic!
A) flat B) bungalow
C) cottage D) tent

54. The pupils had a math test before recess.
A) lesson B) term
C) interval D) break

55. My sister doesn’t like rice, she prefers French fries.
A) fried potatoes B) crisps
C) chips D) buns

56. It had poured heavily, so the sidewalks were still wet.
A) paths B) pavements
C) streets D) valleys

57. I have carefully studied the subway map.
A) underground B) treasure
C) table D) another

58. Many people don’t like fall, but I do!
A) seasons B) winter
C) autumn D) spring

59. There are a lot of cookies in this shop.
A) biscuits B) cakes
C) pasta D) buns

60. He likes to spend his free time watching movies.
A) cinema B) theatre
C) films D) spectacles

Британский Бульдог 2014 - 2015 ответы: 7-8 классы
1             C
2             D
3             B
4             D
5             B
6             B
7             D
8             C
9             D
10           B
11           C
12           D
13           B
14           C
15           A
16           B
17           C
18           A
19           B
20           C
21           B
22           C
23           C
24           D
25           D
26           A
27           B
28           D
29           A
30           D
31           A
32           B
33           D
34           A
35           C
36           C
37           B
38           A
39           A
40           D
41           D
42           D
43           A
44           C
45           A
46           C
47           C
48           A
49           C
50           A
51           B
52           A
53           A
54           D
55           C
56           B
57           A
58           C
59           A
60           C

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