Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2015-2016 год для 3-4 классов.



Прослушайте текст: 
Listen to the recording and answer the questions

1. Where is Tony?
Варианты ответов:
A) At home B) At the swimming pool
C) At the shops D) At the sports ground

2. What is Tony doing now?
Варианты ответов:
A) Swimming B) Playing football
C) Shopping D) Talking on the phone

3. On what day of the week does he usually play football?
Варианты ответов:
A) Sunday B) Saturday
C) Friday D) Thursday

4. Where is Tony’s mother?
Варианты ответов:
A) At home B) At the swimming pool
C) At the shops D) In the park

5. Who did Tony’s mother go to the shop with?
Варианты ответов:
A) Tony B) Her daughter
C) Her friends D) Her husband

6. How often do they usually do the shopping?
Варианты ответов:
A) Twice a week B) Once a week
C) Every day D) At weekends

7. What is Mary doing at the moment?
Варианты ответов:
A) Doing shopping B) Chatting with friends
C) Swimming D) Lying on the beach

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8. How does the woman who is calling Tony feel?
Варианты ответов:
A) Happy B) Pleased
C) Fine D) Disappointed

9. What does the woman want Tony to do when he returns home?
Варианты ответов:
A) To go to the shop B) To swim in the pool
C) To call her back D) To send her a message

10. Who does the woman want to speak to? Select the option where the names are in the right order.
Варианты ответов:
A) Tony, Mary, mother B) Mary, Tony, mother
C) Tony, mother, Mary D) Mother, Tony, Mary


Read the text. For each question choose the correct answer
Sylvia Venner is a 12-year-old dancer. She’s from Australia but lives in Whitstable, England, with her parents, her older sister Gloria and younger brother Charlie. She dances in competitions. Her dream is to dance on stage in a London theatre. When Sylvia was four, her mother started dancing with her for fun. A year later, Sylvia joined a dance school in the town where she lives. She works hard at dancing. “I practise for two hours every day after school and for three hours every Saturday morning. My feet are still growing. It’s important to make sure you have the right size shoes when you dance in competitions so last month I went to London to buy some new ones.”

11. Whose family lives in the UK?
Варианты ответов:
A) Sylvia B) Parents C) Sylvia’s D) Her parent

12. Which child is the oldest in their family?
Варианты ответов:
A) Gloria B) Charlie C) Sylvia D) Their mother

13. What’s Sylvia’s greatest wish?
Варианты ответов:
A) To go to Australia B) To go to the theatre
C) To buy new shoes D) To dance in a London theatre

14. How old was Sylvia when she started dancing?
Варианты ответов:
A) Three B) Four C) Six D) Seven

15. How old was Sylvia when she began to study at a dance school?
Варианты ответов:
A) Four B) Five C) Six D) Seven

16. On what days does Sylvia study dancing in the morning?
Варианты ответов:
A) At weekends B) On Saturdays
C) On Sundays D) On all week days

17. What is Sylvia’s problem?
Варианты ответов:
A) She is tired B) Her feet are growing
C) She feels bad D) She often falls down

18. In Sylvia’s opinion, what is important when dancing in competitions?
Варианты ответов:
A) To be tall B) To have nice shoes
C) To be thin D) To have the right size shoes

19. When did Sylvia go to London?
Варианты ответов:
A) Next month B) Last month
C) This month D) Last year

20. Why did Sylvia go to London?
Варианты ответов:
A) To buy new shoes
B) To take part in a dance competition
C) To consult the doctor
D) To enjoy her free time


Do you know who they are?
Choose A) B) C) or D)

21. He/She cannot go to the ball because he/she doesn’t have beautiful clothes.
22. He/She lived in Sherwood Forest.
23. He/She ate a piece of an apple and died.
24. His/Her Fairy Godmother gave him/her a pair of glass shoes.
25. He/She helped the poor.
26. He/She was raised by a pack of wolves.
27. He/She lived in a wood with the dwarfs.
28. He/She is a character in The Jungle Book.
29. The black panther and the bear were his/her friends.
30. His/Her beautiful dress disappeared at midnight.


Put the words in the right categories.
Choose A) B) C) or D)

31. Сupboard
32. Felt-tip pens
33. Tangerine
34. Apron
35. Apricot
36. Eraser
37. Armchair
38. Trousers
39. Pencil sharpener
40. Shirt


Choose the correct answers

41. Lory is … girl in my class.
Варианты ответов:
A) younger B) the most young
C) the youngest D) young

42. Whose cat is this? It’s … .
Варианты ответов:
A) my B) me C) mine D) our

43. There aren’t … cups in the cupboard.
Варианты ответов:
A) some B) much C) a D) any

44. Tony … three foreign languages.
Варианты ответов:
A) speaks B) cans speak С) spoken D) is speaking

45. Look! It … .
Варианты ответов:
A) snow B) snows C) snowing D) is snowing

46. Billy is … in fantasy books.
Варианты ответов:
A) interest B) interested C) of interest D) interesting

47. Tom wasn’t … school this morning.
Варианты ответов:
A) at B) to C) of D) out

48. My sister … speak English very well.
Варианты ответов:
A) can to B) cans C) can D) will can

49. Mary … her homework at the moment.
Варианты ответов:
A) does B) doing C) is doing D) do

50. … friends do you have?
Варианты ответов:
A) How many B) How much С) How long D) How often


Find the correct answers

51. The Thames is a river flowing through … .
Варианты ответов:
A) London B) Paris
C) Budapest D) New York

52. The most famous lake monster in Scotland is said to live in … .
Варианты ответов:
A) Loch Shin B) Loch Awe
C) Loch Ness D) Loch Lomond

53. This is the largest island in Europe.
Варианты ответов:
A) Rhodes B) Crete
C) Sardinia D) Great Britain

54. The colours on the British flag are … .
Варианты ответов:
A) white, red, blue B) white, orange, green
C) white, blue, black D) red, blue, gold

55. When children knock on the door on Halloween they say: “… !”
Варианты ответов:
A) Trick or life B) Trick or money
C) Trick or sweets D) Trick or treat

56. Shakespeare lived in the … centuries.
Варианты ответов:
A) 14th and 15th B) 15th and 16th
C) 16th and 17th D) 17th and 18th

57. Originally Guy Fawkes Night is a/an … celebration.
Варианты ответов:
A) German B) British
C) Indian D) American

58. Which country was contemporary football first played in?
Варианты ответов:
A) the USA B) Spain
C) Brazil D) Great Britain

59. The Beatles are from this city.
Варианты ответов:
A) Glasgow B) London
C) Liverpool D) Manchester

60. The oldest underground in the world is in … .
Варианты ответов:
A) London B) Beijing C) Moscow D) New YorkA

Британский Бульдог 2015 - 2016 ответы: 3-4 классы


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