Представляем вашему вниманию задания и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2011-2012 год для 9-11 классов.


Listen to the recording and select the correct answer:

1.         What is the guide's name?
A)        Eric Waterhouse
B)        Eric Porterhouse
C)        Dan Porterhouse

2.         If you want to ask a question you should    
A)        stand up
B)        shout out
C)        put your hand up

3.         Who burnt down the castle in the eleventh century?
A)        The Saxons
B)        Henry II
C)        William the Conqueror

Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

4.         When did the French attack the castle?
A) 1216          B) 1260           C) 1642

5.         Who built the tunnels?
A)        The French
B)        The British Army
C)        Maurice the Engineer

6.         When were the tunnels first used as a Military Command Centre?
A) 1939          B)1941            C) 1965

7.         The tunnels could accommodate up to ... thousand soldiers.
A) twelve        B) two C) twenty

8.         The organization "... Heritage" owns Dover Castle now.
A)        English
B)        British
C)        Dover

9.         What has Dover Castle been used as recently?
A) A hotel B) A theatre C) A film set

10.       What is the guide's talk mostly about?
A)        Tourism in Dover
B)        Dover Castle today
C)        The history of the castle and the tunnels


Read the text and fill in the gaps with the right words

Dear Mother and Father,
We had a heavenly day yesterday; Cousin John took me to Stratford-on-Avon, ... (11) Shakespeare was born and died. Stratford is a very interesting town, right in the centre of England. It's nice to think that Shakespeare was born in the heart of England, the country that is so typically English with houses, black and white with ... (12) roofs. Stratford is quite a ... (13) town, especially on market day, but it wasn't market day yesterday, so we were able to look ... (14) comfortably. The first place we went to was Shakespeare's birthplace, a small house with small rooms in the centre of Stratford. We saw the room where Shakespeare was born. But one of the things I liked best was the garden behind the house, because in it are growing all the flowers, trees and plants that are mentioned in Shakespeare's plays.
Then we went to the church where Shakespeare is buried. There's a bust of Shakespeare that was carved by a Dutch sculptor who lived near Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London and ... (15) have seen Shakespeare many a time.
By this time we were hungry, so John took us to a very old hotel that was probably there at Shakespeare's time. Every room there has the name of ... (16) Shakespeare play on it. Then we went to Anne Hathaway's cottage. She was his wife. We also had a look at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. I wish we could ... (17) a play there; they were ... (18) "A Midsummer Night's Dream" that evening, but all the tickets ... (19) sold long ago.
We were very tired when we got back. It had been a lovely day and I ... (20) hope John can get the tickets.
Lots of love, Lillian.

11.       A) when B) where C) what

12.       A) hay B) grass C) thatched

13.       A) busy B) quiet C) small

14.       A) round B) at  C) through

15.       A) must B) should C) ought to

16. A) the       B) a     C) no article

17. A) see       B) saw C)have seen

18. A) doing   B) played        C) making

19. A) were     B) had been    C) have been

20. A) am        B) do   C) does


Which variant is correct?

21.       He said that Greece ... ancient culture.
A) has B) have C) has had

22.       It annoys me that he  
A) always smile B) will smiled C) is always smiling

23.       Shortly after our arrival ... Turkey, she fell ill.
A) in    B) to    C) at

24.       Their meeting was not accidental     
A) also            B) too  C) either

25.       He will have his car   
A) to service B) serviced C) servicing

26.       We have to prepare the report by tomorrow, ...
A) haven't we ? B) have we ? C) don't we ?

27.       They lived in a ... house.
A) nice little old B) old nice little C) little old nice

28.       I have got two pets, but last year I ... only a cat.
A) had B) got  C) had got

29.       We should congratulate them ... their wedding.
A) with B) on C) of

30.       Would you mind ... where you come from?
A) telling        B) telling me C) to tell me


Which variant is wrong?

31.       He ... have done it.
A) must           B) did not C) can't

32.       I told him that I ... the film.
A) had seen    B) would see C) see

33.       I saw her . the window.
A) open           B) opening C) opened

34.       I'm busy on Sunday. I ... my granny at 7 p.m.
A) will meet    B) am meeting C) am going to meet

35.       Don't you think he looks rather ... ?
A) strange       B) strangely C) happy

36.       What ... you ... of the film?
A) are...thinking B) do...think C) did...think

37.       He had to tell the truth         
A) So did I     B) So told I C) I did as well

38.       It's only a ... report. I'll read it quickly.
A) ten-page     B) five-page C) five-pages

39.       The picture ... by my friend.
A) was painted B) is painting C) will be painted

40.       I would rather ... there.
A) go   B) he goes C) he went


Select the word, which best completes each sentence

41.       I was so busy that I had the time to ... the report.
A) read           B) skim           C) study

42.       As we were losing, we could only ... to their plans.
A) yield          B) urge            C) help

43.       He asked that they ... from smoking in the room.
A) refrain        B) stop            C) refuse

44.       It is ... that you return the book on time.
A) beautiful    B) imperative C) strangely

45.       The ... of population growth has slowed down.
A) rate B) degree C) extent

46.       The ... is to be repaid over the next five years.
A) capital        B) loan            C) interest

47.       The poor harvest was ... to bad weather.
A) explained B) reflected C) attributed

48.       The ... members of the staff are difficult to replace.
A) key B) fundamental C) different

49.       A ... clock was taken during the robbery.
A) precious B) wealthy C) rich

50.       They consulted the student and the professor, the ... being more useful.
A) last B) latest          C) latter


Do you know Great Britain and its culture?

51.       The Great Fire of London was in     
A) 1600          B) 1660           C) 1666

52.       The Battle of Trafalgar took place in
A) 1805          B)1812            C) 1814

53.       The Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII was . .
A)        Winston Churchill
B)        Margaret Thatcher
C)        David Cameron

54.       "Big Ben" was the nickname of        
A)        Christopher Wren
B)        Andrew Lloyd Webber
C)        Benjamin Hall

55.       It was not designed by Christopher Wren.
A)        St. Paul's Cathedral
B)        Westminster Abbey
C)        Greenwich Observatory

56.       The Boat Race in England is between ... Universities.
A)        Oxford and Cambridge
B)        Oxford and London
C)        Cambridge and York

57.       His musical "Cats" is popular in many countries.
A)        Christopher Wren
B)        Andrew Lloyd Webber
C)        Benjamin Britten

58.       Alexander Selkirk was the prototype of      
A)        Ivanhoe
B)        Gulliver
C)        Robinson Crusoe

59.       King Lear had ... daughters.
A) four B) two C) three

60.       They say "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of ...".
A) travelling   B) life  C) sightseeing


Ответы на Британский Бульдог для 9-11 классов за 2011–2012 год

1 —B 

11 —B 

21 —A 

31 —B 

41 —B 

51 —C 

2 —C 

12 —C 

22 —C 

32 —C 

42 —A 

52 —A

3 —C 

13 —A

23 —A 

33 —C

43 —A 

53 —A 

4 —A 

14 —A 

24 —C 

34 —A 

44 —B 

54 —C 

5 —B 

15 —A 

25 —B 

35 —B 

45 —A 

55 —B 

6 —A 

16 —B 

26 —C 

36 —A

46 —B 

56 —A 

7 —B 

17 —C 

27 —A 

37 —B

47 —C 

57 —B 

8 —A 

18 —A 

28 —A 

38 —C 

48 —A 

58 —C 

9 —C 

19 —B 

29 —B 

39 —B 

49 —A 

59 —C

10 —C

20 —B 

30 —B 

40 —B 

50 —C 

60 —B 

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