Представляем вашему вниманию задания и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2011-2012 год для 7-8 классов.


Listen to the recording and select the correct answer:

1.         An unusual circus will open in          
A) England B) Scotland C) Wales

2.         There are _ performing mice in the circus.
A) eight          B) twenty seven C) seventeen

3.         The performance lasts           
A)        fifteen minutes
B)        thirty minutes
C)        an hour

Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

4.  … people can watch the show at a time.
A) Eight          B) Seven         C) Twenty seven

5.         The mice won't perform if they are  
A) hungry B) angry    C) frightened

6.         The National Centre for Languages is worried because young people don't study
A)        at school
B)        at university
C)        foreign languages

7.         Last year ... percent of secondary school students took a foreign language.
A) forty four B) seventy one C) four point five

8.         In 1997 ... pupils took a foreign language than last year.
A) fewer         B) less C) more

9.         The number of UK students taking modern languages has ... since 2002.
A)        decreased
B)        increased
C)        not       changed

10.       The National Centre for Languages wants young people to           
A)        study English
B)        travel more
C)        speak foreign languages


Read the text and fill in the gaps with the right words

There are many legends about Robin Hood. He was a Saxon ... (11) birth. He was an outlaw and a robber, but he robbed only ... (12) rich and helped ... (13) poor. He was a popular legendary character and many English writers mentioned his name in their works, for example William Shakespeare and Walter Scott. Together with his friends they lived in Sherwood Forest. But today Sherwood Forest is famous not only as home of Robin Hood, but also as a natural ... (14) for rare and unique birds, beetles and bats. Sherwood Forest is one of the best ... (15) sites in England, it is a National Nature Reserve. It is most famous ... (16) its massive and ancient oak trees which have inspired visitors and writers for centuries. There are more than one thousand oaks, some more than five hundred years old. More than one thousand ... (17) of beetle and spider have been found there as well as more than two hundred species of fungi. There you can also meet ... (18) unique animals and birds, such as the great spotted woodpecker, tawny owl, redstart and a number of bat species. For over six hundred years the forest ... (19) the property of the Crown and was used as a ... (20) of timber and grazing and as a hunting ground for the kings and queens of England. Today's 200-hectare Sherwood Forest is the first National Nature Reserve for Nottinghamshire.

11.       A) by   B) on   C) in

12.       A) a     B) the  C) no article

13.       A) a     B) the  C) no article

14.       A) seat B) habitat       C) house

15.       A) wild B) wildlife    C) naturalistic

16.       A) for  B) as    C) with

17.       A) sorts B) numbers C) species

18.       A) any B) some          C) no

19.       A) remained B) stayed           C) left

20.       A) kind B) sauce        C) source


Which variant is correct?

21.       Look at the sky, I think it _ soon.
A) will rains B) rains  C) is going to rain

22.       Why don't you _ a picture of us?
A) take            B) have           C) do

23.       I was suddenly asked to _ a speech.
A) take            B) make C) do

24.       She is never satisfied with her work, _ ?
A) isn't she B) is she C) doesn't she

25.       The shop will be closed _ two weeks.
A) since          B) about C) for

26.       The man _ I saw was very angry.
A) that            B) which C) whose

27.       When I came back a new metro station       
A) is built B) had built C) was being built

28.       I didn't _ that he would tell me a lie.
A) await          B) wait            C) expect

29.       Can you make your son _ more agreeable?
A) be   B) to be           C) being

30        the end, he agreed with his mother.
A) At  B) In   C) On


One of the underlined words is unnecessary. Which one?

31.       I want to get by a good result in my exam.
A) to   B) by   C) a

32.       You can't miss my house; it's opposite of the market.
A) my  B) it's  C) of

33.       My teacher who has been helping me to prepare for my exam.
A) who           B) been           C) for

34.       I like golf, but my friend he is mad about it.
A) but B) he   C) about

35.       It's hard to understand him because of his pronunciation is bad.
A) to   B) him C) of

36.       At the end of the day I was been made to do my homework.
A) of   B) been           C) to

37.       I was so nervous that I could not stop a shaking.
A) so   B) that C) a

38.       When she was young she used to be work for pocket money.
A) she B) to    C) be

39.       When she finished the school she decided to study law.
A) When         B) the  C) to

40.       She was too much tired to go out with us.
A) too B) much          C) out


Choose the most suitable article

41.       Trafalgar Square
A) a     B) the  C) no article

42.       Tower of London
A) a     B) the  C) no article

43.       Houses of Parliament
A) a     B) the  C) no article

44.       Thames
A) a     B) the  C) no article

45.       Westminster Abbey
A) a     B) the  C) no article

46.       Victoria Station
A) a     B) the  C) no article

47.       River Thames
 A) a    B) the  C) no article

48.       Bank of England
A) a     B) the  C) no article

49.       Buckingham Palace
A) a     B) the  C) no article

50.       British Museum
A) a     B) the  C) no article


Do you know Great Britain?

51.       Which country is not a part of the UK?
A) Scotland B) Wales            C) Iceland

52.       William the Conqueror invaded the British Isles in the ... century.
A) eighth        B) eleventh C) fifteenth

53.       The Battle of Trafalgar took place during    
A) WWII B) the Civil War C) the war against Napoleon

54.       London Zoo is situated in ... Park.
A) Hyde         B) Regent's C) St. James's

55.       Many famous people are buried there.
A)        Buckingham Palace
B)        Westminster Palace
C)        Westminster Abbey

56.       It has been a fortress, a palace, a zoo, a treasury.
A) Big Ben B) Buckingham Palace C) The Tower

57.       The building is the seat of the Parliament.
A)        Buckingham Palace
B)        Westminster Palace
C)        Westminster Abbey

58.       It is the work of the architect Christopher Wren.
A)        Buckingham Palace
B)        Westminster Abbey
C)        St. Paul's Cathedral

59.       "Alice in Wonderland" was written by        
A) Lewis Carroll B) Alexander Milne C) Walter Scott

60.       Hamlet was the Prince of      
 A) England B) Denmark C) Great Britain

Ответы Британский Бульдог 2011 год - 7-8 классы

1 —B

11 —A

21 —C 

31 —B 

41 —C 

51 —C 

2 —B 

12 —B

22 —A 

32 —C 

42 —B 

52 —B 

3 —B 

13 —B 

23 —B 

33 —A 

43 —B 

53 —C

4 —A 

14 —B 

24 —B 

34 —B 

44 —B 

54 —B 

5 —C 

15 —B 

25 —C 

35 —C 

45 —C 

55 —C 

6 —C 

16 —A 

26 —A 

36 —B 

46 —C 

56 —C 

7 —A

17 —C 

27 —C 

37 —C 

47 —B 

57 —B 

8 —C 

18 —B 

28 —C 

38 —C 

48 —B 

58 —C 

9 —A 

19 —A 

29 —A 

39 —B 

49 —C 

59 —A 

10 —C 

20 —C 

30 —B 

40 —B 

50 —B 

60 —B 

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