Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2013-2014 год для 9-11 классов.




Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the recording and find the correct answers

1. Ian Fleming had a very … life.
A) boring
B) picturesque
C) interesting
D) troublesome


2. Ian Fleming’s family was … .
A) poor
B) miserable
C) well-to-do
D) ill-famed


3. The members of Fleming’s family contributed to … of the country.
A) culture B) agriculture C) economics D) politics


4. Ian Fleming became a journalist because he … .
A) worked in Moscow
B) wanted to become a writer
C) got good education
D) failed to get a job at the Foreign Office


5. During World War II Ian Fleming … .
A) was a hero B) worked in the office
C) was in Moscow D) took part in many battles


6. Ian Fleming decided to write the novel because … .
A) he was a journalist B) he was an intelligence officer
C) his father died a hero D) he wanted to deal with brave men


7. The idea to write about James Bond came to Fleming … .
A) during WWI B) after his father’s death
C) during WWII D) when he worked in Moscow


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

8. 007 was James Bond’s … name.
A) nick B) pen C) code D) favourite


9. James Bond was first mentioned … .
A) in 1908 B) during WWII
C) in 1953 D) in the news agency in Moscow


10. Ian Fleming wrote fourteen Bond books … .
A) all in all B) in particular C) above all D) finally


Read the following texts and select the correct variants

Bargain Books
Our Planet by Arthur Little
This excellent guide to our planet will give you answers to questions like: ‘How old is planet Earth?’, ‘How many years did the Ice Age last?’, ‘What’s the difference between a sea
and an ocean?’ Over five hundred pages of fascinating facts about the world we live in – from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean – with colour illustrations on every page.
For ages 10 and over.
Price: £ 19.99

High School
Horror by Cruella Cadaver
Cruella Cadaver’s world famous story of a haunted high school continues to entertain older children. Three teenagers fight the powers of darkness in this ghostly tale. If you want a good night’s sleep, don’t read this book! ‘The spookiest book you will ever read’ says The Times. Millions of copies have already been sold and translated into fifteen languages.
For ages 12 and over.
Price: £ 9.99; also on CD, Price: £ 10.99

Crazy by Shane Clooney
This is the perfect present for football fans. Read Shane Clooney’s true story of how he became one of the UK’s most famous sportsmen. You’ll learn how a knee injury prevented him from playing in the World Cup. There are many photographs that show all his best moments in the game, as well as family photographs of his childhood in the north of England.
For ages 9 and over.
Price: £ 5.99

11. Arthur Little is a … .
A) reporter B) sportsman C) writer D) football fan


12. Our Planet has lots of … .
A) CDs B) pictures C) fans D) children


13. High School Horror is a … .
A) present B) bestseller C) copy D) photograph


14. Cruella Cadaver writes for … .
A) adults B) teenagers C) kids D) football fans


15. High School Horror is … than the same book on CD.
A) more cheaper B) more expensive
C) cheaper D) as cheap as


16. There was an article about this book in a newspaper.
A) Our Planet B) High School Horror
C) Football Crazy D) All books


17. The hero of this book grew up in England.
A) Our Planet B) High School Horror
C) Football Crazy D) All books


18. Shane Clooney … in the World Cup.
A) plays B) didn’t play
C) will play D) played


19. If you are afraid of having a sleepless night, avoid reading it.
A) Our Planet B) High School Horror
C) Football Crazy D) The Times


20. … of these books is/are fiction.
A) One B) Two
C) Three D) None


Complete the sentences

21. Students are accepted at this college … of race, sex and creed.
A) deprived B) depending
C) considering D) regardless


22. It’s about time we … a serious talk.
A) had B) should have
C) must have D) have to have


23. Five people … died in the fire.
A) reported B) are reported
C) report they D) are reported to have


24. If you were in trouble, I would give you all the help you … .
A) will need B) need
C) would need D) needed


25. Do you remember … her last Christmas? She looked fantastic!
A) meet B) meeting C) to meet D) met


26. I was singing when the telephone … .
A) ring B) rang C) has rung D) had rung


27. He asked me where … .
A) I were B) I had been C) was I D) had I been


28. He had left the office by the time I arrived so I couldn’t … to him.
A) say B) tell C) talk D) spoke


29. He suggested … there immediately.
A) going B) to go C) should go D) we went


30. I … much better after I had had a cup of tea.
A) fell B) felt C) fall D) feel9


Complete each sentence with one of the derivatives

31. He has the … habit of interrupting other people.
A) annoy B) annoying C) annoyed D) annoyance


32. She closed the door … so that not to wake up her parents.
A) quiet B) quite C) quietly D) quitely


33. He was … with the results of his exam.
A) pleasure B) please C) pleasant D) displeased


34. The river is long, but what’s its … ?
A) wide B) widen C) width D) wideth


35. Many students have to seek … after college.
A) employer B) employee
C) unemployed D) employment


36. The actors in the film are completely … .
A) knew B) unknown C) knowing D) disknown


37. Some sea creatures live in the most … places.
A) likeable B) likely C) disliking D) unlikely


38. Many old people think life was a lot … than it is today.
A) best B) gooder C) better D) well


39. In the picture you can see the women … .
A) shopping B) to do the shopping
C) to go to the shop D) to shop


40. The child was punished for his … .
A) misbehaviour B) disbehaviour
C) misbehaved D) disbehaved


Choose the correct words from the box to suit the moods of the four faces

41. Irritated
42. Groaned
43. Wailed
44. Joked
45. Yawned
46. Snarled
47. Laughed
48. Cheerful
49. Sighed
50. Sobbed


Choose the correct answers

51. Name the woman who was the founder of professional nursing.
A) Florence Nightingale B) Charlotte Bronte
C) Jane Austen D) Iris Murdock


52. Name the title which is given to the heir to the British throne. Prince of … .
A) Edinburgh B) Wales
C) York D) Wessex


53. Name the year when Elizabeth II became the Queen of the United Kingdom.
A) 1926 B) 1952
C) 1983 D) 1990


54. Name the British explorer who reached the Antarctic.
A) Roald Amundsen B) Robert Falcon Scott
C) James Cook D) Francis Drake


55. Name the city where Greenwich is situated.
A) Plymouth B) Edinburgh
C) Glasgow D) London


56. Name the place where Christopher Wren is buried.
A) The Tower B) Westminster Abbey
C) St. Paul’s Cathedral D) Hyde Park


57. Name the fastest ship that brought tea to Britain.
A) Discovery B) Cutty Sark
C) Victory D) Titanic


58. Name the author who wrote about the Forsyte family.
A) Charles Dickens B) John Galsworthy
C) Walter Scott D) Agatha Christie


59. Name the scientist who discovered the Law of Gravitation.
A) Michael Faraday
B) Alexander Bell
C) Isaac Newton
D) Alexander Fleming


60. Name the country where you can see Stonehenge.
A) England
B) Ireland
C) Iceland
D) Greenland


Британский Бульдог 2013 ответы: 9-11 классы

1 C
2 C
3 D
4 D
5 B
6 D
7 C
8 C
9 C
10 A
12 В
13 В
14 В
15 C
16 B
17 С
18 В
19 В
20 А
21 D
22 A
23 D
24 D
25 B
26 B
27 B
28 C
29 A
30 B
31 B
32 C
33 D
34 C
35 D
36 B
37 D
38 C
39 A
40 A
41 A
42 C
43 C
44 B
45 D
46 A
47 B
48 B
49 C
50 C
51 A
52 B
53 B
54 B
55 D
56 C
57 B
58 B
59 C
60 A

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