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Listen to the text and find the correct variants

1. Which country were the wolves brought to the park from?
Варианты ответов:
A) Canada B) Russia
C) Sweden D) Australia

2. By 2005, there were already thirteen … of wolves in the park.
Варианты ответов:
A) tribes B) packs
C) prides D) flocks

3. There are … grizzly bears in the park.
Варианты ответов:
A) six hundred B) three hundred and twenty six
C) thirty thousand D) thirty five

4. Their animal population in the park is the largest.
Варианты ответов:
A) Grizzly bears B) Wolves
C) Elk D) Mountain lions

5. Their animal population in the park is the smallest.
Варианты ответов:
A) Wolves B) Grizzly bears C) Mountain lions D) Elk

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6. Many fires in the park are the result of … .
Варианты ответов:
A) thunder B) lightning C) earthquakes D) wind

7. … fires are started by people usually by accident.
Варианты ответов:
A) Six B) About 35 C) Six to ten D) Ten

8. Some trees even … to forest fires.
Варианты ответов:
A) use B) adapted C) are not used D) used

9. The heat of fire helps these trees to disperse their seeds.
Варианты ответов:
A) Fir trees B) Oak trees
C) Aspen trees D) Lodgepole pine trees

10. These trees sprout from their roots.
Варианты ответов:
A) Fir trees B) Oak trees
C) Aspen trees D) Lodgepole pine trees


Read the letter and fill in the missing words
Dear John,
… (11) I last wrote to you I thought … (12) I would be staying with some friends of … (13) in London … (14) house is on the Thames. Unfortunately, they were away at the time … (15)

I wanted to stay with them, ... (16) was a shame. … (17) happened next was lucky for me because I met a nice Italian boy at the station … (18) recommended a wonderful hotel in the centre of London to me. I’ve also met a French girl … (19) staying at the same hotel and we are going to see the sights together. I’ll phone you … (20) I get back.
Love, Michelle.

11. A) When B) Why C) That D) Who
12. A) who B) that C) which D) with whom
13. A) my B) mine C) me D) I
14. A) who’s B) which C) whose D) that
15. A) that B) who C) where D) why
16. A) which B) who C) whose D) whom
17. A) Who B) When C) That D) What
18. A) whom B) who C) which D) whose
19. A) whose B) who C) which D) who’s
20. A) where B) why C) when D) that


Choose the correct answer

21. I’m sorry, she’s not here. She … on holiday this week.
Варианты ответов:
A) had been B) had gone C) has been D) has gone

22. Ann doesn’t like coffee. Her mother doesn’t like it … .
Варианты ответов:
A) too B) also C) as well D) either

23. He … to do his homework.
Варианты ответов:
A) hasn’t B) didn’t C) don’t have D) doesn’t have

24. I don’t think my driving is … to pass the test.
Варианты ответов:
A) enough good B) good enough
C) well enough D) enough well

25. My watch … in the station last Saturday.
Варианты ответов:
A) was robbed B) has been robbed
C) was stolen D) has been stolen

26. Before last week’s competition, he … three medals.
Варианты ответов:
A) had already won B) already wins
C) has already won D) had already been winning

27. I wish I … curly hair like my sister.
Варианты ответов:
A) had B) has C) have D) have had

28. Both Mike and his friends … at school.
Варианты ответов:
A) study B) studies C) studying D) studys

29. Neither Ann nor her sister … the answer.
Варианты ответов:
A) know B) knows C) knowing D) didn’t knew

30. In summer Ann worked … a waitress at the local caf?.
Варианты ответов:
A) like B) on C) in D) as


What is he like? Find the correct answer

31. He is a lady killer.
Варианты ответов:
A) He kills ladies B) He is indifferent to ladies
C) He hates ladies D) He is attractive to women

32. He is a butter fingers.
Варианты ответов:
A) He likes butter B) He is clumsy with objects
C) He has 5 fingers D) His fingers are in butter

33. He is a couch potato.
Варианты ответов:
A) He likes potatoes B) He lives a sedentary lifestyle
C) He likes his couch D) He wants to buy a couch

34. He is a killjoy.
Варианты ответов:
A) He is cheerful B) He is a soul of the company C) He is funny D) He ruins someone else’s fun

35. He is a lazy bones.
Варианты ответов:
A) He is active B) He often breaks his legs or arms
C) He is indifferent D) He is unwilling to do anything

36. He has a sweet tooth.
Варианты ответов:
A) He has uneven teeth B) He has a strong liking for sweet foods
C) He has even teeth D) He has a set of false teeth

37. He is a chatterbox.
Варианты ответов:
A) He has a nice box B) He is a very talkative person
C) He is an introvert D) He has a special gadget

38. He is a sleepyhead.
Варианты ответов:
A) He has a headache B) He always makes his bed
C) He can’t fall asleep D) He is a sleepy person

39. He is a nose poker.
Варианты ответов:
A) He tastes dishes
B) He rubs his nose
C) He is calm
D) He involves himself in other people’s business

40. He is pigheaded.
Варианты ответов:
A) He has a big head B) He is very clever
C) He likes pigs D) He is stubborn7


Find the correct facts about Great Britain

41. The largest monument to Walter Scott is situated in this city.
Варианты ответов:
A) Manchester B) London
C) Edinburgh D) Leeds

42. What is Ben Nevis?
Варианты ответов:
A) A mountain  B) A lake
C) A river D) A town

43. What is the national instrument of Wales?
Варианты ответов:
A) The drum B) The violin
C) The harp D) The piano

44. Where is Stonehenge situated?
Варианты ответов:
A) England B) Wales
C) Northern Ireland D) Scotland

45. Who signed her first works with the pen-name Mary Westmacott?
Варианты ответов:
A) Emily Bronte B) Charlotte Bronte
C) Agatha Christie D) Beatrix Potter

46. What is the Shard?
Варианты ответов:
A) The tallest tower B) The longest bridge
C) The biggest shop D) A famous museum

47. Who is the national hero of Scotland?
Варианты ответов:
A) William Wallace B) William the Conqueror
C) Robin Hood D) Richard the Lion Heart

48. Which of the following is also known as The Houses of Parliament?
Варианты ответов:
A) Westminster Palace B) Buckingham Palace
C) The Tower D) Westminster Abbey

49. This museum is in London.
Варианты ответов:
A) The Louvre B) The Met
C) The Hermitage D) Madame Tussauds

50. This British ship took part in the battle of Trafalgar.
Варианты ответов:
A) Discovery B) Victory
C) Cutty Sark D) Titanic

Look at the pictures and choose the most typical produced sounds

51. A) Ring B) Sing C) Crack D) Gobble
52. A) Scream B) Hiss C) Tick D) Buzz
53. A) Squeak B) Scream C) Shout D) Cry
54. A) Break B) Murmur C) Creak D) Bang
55. A) Squeak B) Splash C) Fizz D) Shuffle
56. A) Hiss B) Fizz C) Buzz D) Sizzle
57. A) Crackle B) Twitter C) Crunch D) Hiss
58. A) Buzz B) Hiss C) Sizzle D) Quack
59. A) Rustle B) Crunch C) Crackle D) Rattle
60. A) Click B) Grunt C) Twitter D) Roar

Британский Бульдог 2015 - 2016 ответы: 7-8 классы

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