Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2014-2015 год для 9-11 классов.




Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the recording and find the correct answers

1. Jamie … study Math, English and Science at school.
A) can B) must C) likes to D) should not


2. Jamie … what other subjects to take.
A) knows B) is uncertain
C) is sure D) made up his mind


3. Jamie’s marks in French are … .
A) bad B) excellent C) good D) rather good


4. Jamie can study Spanish if Mrs. Sanchez … .
A) doesn’t mind B) is in the staff room
C) has lunch D) is against


5. Jamie wants to study … at University.
A) Spanish B) History
C) Art D) Business Studies


6. Next year Jamie would like to take … .
A) French, History and Art
B) Spanish, Business Studies and Art
C) Spanish, Business Studies and History
D) Spanish, History and Art


7. Jamie’s mother used to be … .
A) a dean B) a lecturer C) a teacher D) an artist


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

8. Jamie is at the top of his school at … .
A) History B) French
C) Art D) Business Studies


9. Jamie is in a hurry because he wants to … .
A) have dinner B) see his friend
C) change money D) change his clothes


10. Jamie is talking with … .
A) his dad B) Mrs. Sanchez
C) Mr. Jones D) French master


Read the text and choose the correct answers
As a food label is often nothing more than an advert to tempt you to buy the product, you should pay particular attention to the choice of words used. Always watch out for the word flavour, as this may mean that the product contains synthetic ingredients. Many manufacturers also use a range of meaningless descriptions. Feel-good words like wholesome, farmhouse, original and traditional do not mean anything. Other words, such as farm fresh and country fresh, also intentionally blur the true nature of a product’s source. Words that you can trust are organic, whole meal, natural mineral water, Fair Trade, free-range and the V, vegetarian symbol. Consumer pressure over GM foods has led to better labeling but loopholes still exist. GM product derivatives, such as starches, sugars, fats and oils where no genetically modified protein or DNA material still remains, go unlabeled in many products such as cereal bars, fish fingers, jellies and vegetable burgers.

11. The aim of the food label is to … .
A) tease customers
B) amuse people
C) be read
D) make customers buy the product

12. You should … the word flavour.
A) mind B) ignore C) read D) look through

13. Synthetic ingredients means … .
A) useful B) genuine C) natural D) artificial

14. Manufacturers use many words in an advert which  are … .
A) useful B) useless C) necessary D) important

15. The word to blur means … .
A) to misinform B) to tell the truth
C) to tell a lie D) to obscure

16. Manufacturers began to label their products better  due to the efforts of … .
A) shop assistants B) farmers
C) customers D) workers

17. Loopholes still exist means … .
A) getting round laws B) finding laws
C) improving laws D) adopting laws

18. Customers … if there are starches, fats and oils in  many products.
A) know B) believe C) don’t know D) understand

19. When customers buy jellies they are … that the latter contain GM derivatives.
A) pleased B) sure C) uncertain D) suspect

20. According to the text, before buying something customers should … .
A) go to many shops B) compare prices
C) read ads attentively D) consult their friends


Which word is different?

21. A) Top B) Bottom C) Half D) Side
22. A) Circle B) Triangle C) Picture D) Square
23. A) Soccer B) Ping pong C) Wrestling D) Baseball
24. A) Story B) Fairy tale C) Novel D) Saying
25. A) Horse B) Lightning C) Squirrel D) Cheetah
26. A) Best B) Fastest C) Very old D) Worst
27. A) Bird B) Cat C) Rocket D) Airplane
28. A) Behind B) Though C) Across D) Through
29. A) Dutch B) Norwegian C) Danish D) Holland
30. A) Pole B) Spaniard C) Dane D) Spanish


Find the most suitable feature

31. Her aunt Annie can be very haughty.
A) Friendly B) Tolerant
C) Respectful D) Unfriendly

32. Nancy is so conceited. She … .
A) is awkward
B) is approachable
C) is obedient
D) has a favourable opinion of herself

33. Telephone salespeople often take advantage of gullible people.
A) Trustworthy B) Truthful
C) Easily deceived D) Honest

34. His father was a very conscientious man.
A) Shy B) Dropping work half way
C) Irresponsible D) Taking duties seriously

35. I don’t like that he is so obstinate.
A) Pig-headed B) Red handed
C) Coach potato D) Lazybones

36. He’s quite an unscrupulous character.
A) Moral B) Mortal
C) Honest D) Lacking moral principles

37. My friend is so impetuous.
A) Patient B) Acts on a sudden idea
C) Tolerant D) Considers things first

38. He is a very excitable child.
A) Cheerful B) Calm
C) Laughs a lot D) Easily excited

39. Freddie’s so garrulous. It’s impossible to get any work done.
A) Calm B) Quiet C) Talkative D) Hardworking

40. I thought he was rather taciturn when I first met him.
A) Emotional B) Reserved
C) Impulsive D) Never counts to ten


All the words begin with cat. Find the ones that match the given definitions

41. A very large and important church.
A) Caterer B) Cathedral
C) Catkins D) Catalogue

42. A sudden and terrible event causing great suffering.
A) Catch B) Catapult
C) Catacomb D) Catastrophe

43. A list of goods, places, names in a special order.
A) Caterer B) Catnap
C) Catalogue D) Catherine wheel

44. To grasp something which is thrown.
A) Catapult B) Catch
C) Cattle D) Catwalk

45. Domestic animals like cows and bulls.
A) Cattle B) Catfish
C) Caterpillar D) Cattle grid

46. It is an insect and a heavy vehicle.
A) Catfish B) Caterer
C) Caterpillar D) Cattle grid

47. A long raised path that models walk on in a fashion show.
A) Сatnap B) Сatwalk
C) Сatfish D) Сaterer

48. A very short light sleep.
A) Сatwalk B) Сatkins
C) Сatnap D) Сatfish

49. A small stick used by children to throw stones.
A) Сaterer B) Сat’s eye
C) Сatch D) Сatapult

50. A sailing boat with two separate hulls.
A) Сaterer B) Сaterpillar
C) Сathedral D) Сatamaran


Which letters are the following sentences taken from?

51. It was definitely the best holiday I’ve ever had.
52. I am writing to apply for the post of junior manager.
53. We are very happy and we hope you and Martin will visit us soon.
54. Well, that’s all my news for now. Write back soon.
55. I am patient, cheerful and organized.
56. I hope these suggestions will be of help to you.
57. I find this kind of service unacceptable.
58. I have enclosed a detailed CV as well as a reference letter from my previous employer.
59. I have studied English for six years.
60. I would like a refund or another game, otherwise there will be trouble.

Британский Бульдог 2014 - 2015 ответы: 9-11 классы
1             C
2             D
3             B
4             D
5             B
6             B
7             D
8             C
9             D
10           B
11           C
12           D
13           B
14           C
15           A
16           B
17           C
18           A
19           B
20           C
21           B
22           C
23           C
24           D
25           D
26           A
27           B
28           D
29           A
30           D
31           A
32           B
33           D
34           A
35           C
36           C
37           B
38           A
39           A
40           D
41           D
42           D
43           A
44           C
45           A
46           C
47           C
48           A
49           C
50           A
51           B
52           A
53           A
54           D
55           C
56           B
57           A
58           C
59           A
60           C

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