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Прослушайте текст:

Listen to the dialogue and find the correct answers

1. Tom is going to do … .
A) the cleaning B) the cooking C) the shopping


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

2. He needs a present for his … birthday.
A) grandfather’s B) father’s C) friend’s


3. Tom’s father is … Tom’s friend’s father.
A) older than
B) younger than
C) of the same age as


4. Tom’s father likes … .
A) music, fishing, watching TV and reading
B) music, reading and swimming
C) music, swimming and watching TV


5. … is giving a CD as a present.
A) Tom’s sister B) Nobody C) Tom
6. Tom thinks a … will be a good present.


A) cookery book B) DVD C) fishing book
7. Tom’s friend … to town with him.
A) doesn’t go B) goes C) drives


8. Aunt Sally’s cat has got … kittens.
A) five B) four C) fourteen


9. Tom’s friend wants to take a … kitten.
A) white B) black C) grey


10. The kitten’s ears are … .
A) white B) black C) grey


Read the text and say if the sentences are true, false or not said

- Hi Daniel! Shall we go to the cinema on Saturday?
I want to see the new James Bond film.
- I can’t go on Saturday, Carl. I’m helping my Dad in his shop. But I’m not working on Sunday. Let’s go on Sunday afternoon.
- Oh, on Sunday afternoon I’m going with my Mum and Dad to see my Grandma and Grandpa. They have moved into a new house.
- Let’s meet on Monday after school. We can have a burger and a coke at the local cafe, then see the film at six o’clock.
- Okay, that’s a good idea. If there is no room to see the James Bond film, we could see the new Pirates film instead. My friend told me it’s very exciting.
- Right, we’ll go on our bikes. I’ll meet you at five o’clock.


11. Carl tells Daniel he wants to go to the stadium.
A) True B) False C) Not said


12. Daniel will be busy on Saturday.
A) True B) False C) Not said


13. Daniel has to do a lot of work on Sunday.
A) True B) False C) Not said


14. Carl’s Grandma and Grandpa are happy in their new house.
A) True B) False C) Not said


15. Daniel and Carl go to the same school.
A) True B) False C) Not said


16. Daniel says they can buy fast food at the local cafe.
A) True B) False C) Not said


17. The local cafe sells ice cream.
A) True B) False C) Not said


18. The film starts at five o’clock.
A) True B) False C) Not said


19. They plan to see the new Pirates film if there are no tickets for the James Bond film.
A) True B) False C) Not said


20. Carl and Daniel have bikes.
A) True B) False C) Not said


Put in the necessary prepositions

21. take something … mistake
A) by B) at C) on


22. get up … half past nine
A) on B) in C) at


23. be born … 1998
A) on B) in C) at


24. sleep … night
A) on B) in C) at


25. do something … purpose
A) by B) at C) on


26. work … Monday afternoon
A) on B) in C) at


27. live … the outskirts
A) around B) on C) under


28. travel … two weeks
A) during B) for C) since


29. come back … the 3rd June
A) on B) in C) at


30. relax … the weekend
A) out B) in C) at


Choose the correct alternatives

31. What … like? She is kind and helpful.
A) is Jane B) does Jane C) does Jane look


32. There were … people at the open-air concert.
A) only a few B) not much C) only a little


33. I am so smart, … ?
A) isn’t it B) isn’t I C) aren’t I


34. Julie works a lot. She … hard.
A) is used to work
B) is used to working
C) used to working


35. How long … Paul?
A) do you know
B) have you known
C) has you known


36. Our teacher wears … .
A) big brown glasses
B) brown big glasses
C) glasses big brown


37. How did you get there? … .
A) By feet B) On his feet C) On foot


38. The car is dirty. It needs … .
A) to wash B) washed C) washing


39. He … to get up early every morning.
A) doesn’t have B) hasn’t C) has not


40. She lives … from school than me.
A) far B) farther C) more farther


Find the right words to complete the sayings

41. Better late than … .
A) never B) always C) seldom


42. There is no place … home.
A) as B) like C) about


43. A friend in need is a friend … .
A) really B) always C) indeed


44. … is nothing without health.
A) Money B) Wealth C) Happiness


45. When the cat is away, the … will play.
A) birds B) mouse C) mice


46. An … a day keeps the doctor away.
A) apple B) orange C) exercise


47. Never put off till … what you can do today.
A) yesterday B) Monday C) tomorrow


48. Walls have … .
A) eyes B) ears C) hands


49. A Jack of all trades is master of … .
A) nothing B) neither C) none


50. Tomorrow come … .
A) never B) late C) seldom


Find a dish for each instruction

51. Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

52. Place chicken and water in a large pot and boil for 30 minutes.

53. Stir the flour, sugar and salt together to combine.

54. Put the prepared vegetables in a bowl. Add some olives.

55. Cut tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Separate onion slices into rings.

56. Add carrots, celery, onion to the broth.

57. Add some water and make the dough.

58. Peel and slice the apples to make the filling.

59. Chop celery leaves and add into the pot with the noodles.

60. Pour on some dressing and add Feta Cheese.

Британский Бульдог: ответы 2012-2013 год 5-6 классы

1— С 

11 — B

21 — А 

31 — А 

41 — А 

51 — С

2 — B 

12 — А 

22 — С 

32 — A 

42 — B 

52 — В 

3 — B 

13 —В 

23 — B 

33 — С 

43 — С 

53 — С 

4 — A 

14 — С

24 — С 

34 —В 

44 —В

54 — А 

5 — А

15 — C 

25 — C 

35 — В

45 — C

55 — А 

6 — C

16 — А 

26 — А 

36 — А 

46 — A

56 — В 

7 — А 

17 — С 

27 — В 

37 — C 

47 — С 

57 — C 

8 — B 

18 — B 

28 — В 

38 — C 

48 —В 

58 — C 

9 — A 

19 — A

29 — A 

39 — А 

49 — С

59 —В 

10 —В 

20 — А

30 — С 

40 — B 

50 — А 

60 — А

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