Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2014-2015 год для 3-4 классов.


Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the recording and find the correct answers

1. What does Mr. Morgan do? He is … .
A) a teacher B) a head teacher
C) a farmer D) Marion’s father


2. Did all the children go to summer school last year?
A) Yes, they did. B) No, they don’t.
C) Yes. D) No, there are some new pupils.


3. How big is Lorraine’s family? They are … .
A) three B) four C) five D) six


4. What animals do they have on their farm?
A) Goats B) Cows C) Sheep D) Horses


5. What animals does Lorraine love?
A) Goats B) Cows C) Sheep D) Horses


6. What animals did Mr. Morgan have on his father’s farm?
A) Donkeys B) Sheep C) Cows D) Horses


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

7. What does Lorraine like doing?
A) Riding a bike B) Looking after horses
C) Skiing D) Riding a horse


8. Who lives in Scotland?
A) Marion B) Lorraine
C) Mr. Morgan D) Mr. Morgan’s father


9. Does Marion have any brothers or sisters? She has … .
A) two brothers B) a brother
C) a sister D) neither brothers nor sisters


10. What do Marion’s parents do? They … .
A) are teachers B) are farmers
C) don’t work D) are friendly


Read the text and fill in the gaps

Mr. Mancini comes from … (11) small village in … (12) north of Italy. He is a baker and runs … (13) own bakery, … (14) bread for the people in the village so they can have fresh bread … (15) day. Most days Mr. Mancini works by himself but … (16) his wife helps him. But she … (17) helps him on Saturdays because she … (18) works in a bar at the weekends. Mr. and Mrs. Mancini don’t have … (19) children but they do love … (20) pet dog Tyson very much.

11. A) a B) an C) the D) no article

12. A) a B) an C) the D) any

13. A) he B) his C) her D) their

14. A) baking B) boiling C) taking D) burning

15. A) ever B) on C) every D) at

16. A) every B) always C) ever D) sometimes

17. A) every B) never C) soon D) always

18. A) always B) ever C) rarely D) immediately

19. A) much B) some C) any D) few

20. A) them B) their C) there D) our

Use the correct verb

21. The footballers … tired after the match.
A) had B) was C) were D) came

22. They … in Tver before they moved to Moscow.
A) left B) remained C) stayed D) lived

23. Tom … football with his friends after school.
A) plaied B) played C) made D) did

24. He … a shower and forgot the towel.
A) were B) had C) began D) came

25. Ann … a letter to her friend.
A) said B) told C) wrote D) made

26. He … a lot when he was a little boy.
A) read B) took C) gave D) was

27. The man … “Good-bye” and went away.
A) told B) spoke C) talked D) said

28. My father … a new car last month.
A) took B) brought C) bought D) put

29. The concert … at seven o’clock sharp.
A) came B) became C) began D) had

30. Kate … mother to cook dinner.
A) helped B) did C) was D) were


Which word is different?

31. A) Milk B) Tomato
C) Steak D) Chair

32. A) Blender B) TV
C) Fridge D) Bus

33. A) Wolf B) Horse
C) Cow D) Pig

34. A) April B) February
C) Thursday D) September

35. A) Run B) Jump
C) High D) Teach

36. A) Tomorrow B) Yesterday
C) Today D) Wednesday

37. A) Finger B) Toe
C) Forehead D) Paw

38. A) Driver B) Librarian
C) Vet D) Lazy

39. A) Behind B) Between
C) In front of D) Get up

40. A) Hedgehog B) Sparrow
C) Parrot D) Swan


Make a story about Mary. Choose the correct order for the sentences

1. When Mom comes they discuss their news and cook dinner.

2. She is attentive at the lessons and so she gets only good marks.

3. She makes her bed, washes and dresses.

4. At half past eight she goes to school. Mary has four or five lessons every day, but her favourite subject is English.

5. Mary gets up early in the morning.

6. Mary always helps her mother to wash up after dinner.

7. After that she has breakfast, she likes cacao and cakes.

8. When she comes home she has lunch and then walks her dog.

9. She likes to read an interesting book before going to bed.

10. After walk she usually does her homework.

41. A) 1 B) 5 C) 4 D) 3
42. A) 7 B) 8 C) 3 D) 2
43. A) 7 B) 10 C) 4 D) 2
44. A) 8 B) 4 C) 9 D) 10
45. A) 10 B) 6 C) 7 D) 2
46. A) 1 B) 6 C) 4 D) 8
47. A) 7 B) 6 C) 10 D) 8
48. A) 1 B) 10 C) 9 D) 6
49. A) 9 B) 6 C) 8 D) 10
50. A) 3 B) 8 C) 1 D) 9


What season is it?

51. It consists of three months: March, April and May.

52. A lot of animals sleep through this season.

53. The leaves cover the ground like a carpet.

54. Beautiful snowflakes fall on the ground and houses.

55. You can swim and sunbathe.

56. A lot of birds fly away to the south.

57. Children have the longest vacation.

58. You can see the first flowers, snowdrops.

59. A lot of people enjoy this season with firtrees and presents.

60. It’s usually the hottest season of the year.

Британский Бульдог 2014 - 2015 ответы: 3-4 классы
1          B
2          D
3          C
4          D
5          D
6          B
7          D
8          A
9          D
10        A
11        A
12        C
13        B
14        A
15        C
16        D
17        B
18        A
19        C
20        B
21        C
22        D
23        B
24        B
25        C
26        A
27        D
28        C
29        C
30        A
31        D
32        D
33        A
34        C
35        C
36        D
37        *
38        D
39        D
40        A
41        B
42        C
43        A
44        B
45        D
46        D
47        C
48        A
49        B
50        D
51        B
52        A
53        D
54        A
55        C
56        D
57        C
58        B
59        A
60        C

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