Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2014-2015 год для 5-6 классов.




Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the recording and find the correct answers

1. What is the tour guide’s name?
A) Kristina B) Kristy
C) Christie D) Kirsty


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

2. What is the weather like? It’s … .
A) cloudy B) sunny
C) windy D) rainy


3. Who are the pupils waiting for?
A) The tour guide B) The writer
C) The driver D) William Shakespeare


4. What is the name of the restaurant?
A) Blue Ball B) Blue Bell
C) Blue Bill D) Blue Bull


5. What birds can the children feed on the river bank?
A) Sparrows B) Ducks
C) Swans D) Swallows


6. What is the name of the street where Shakespeare was born?
A) Home Street B) Henry Street
C) Henley Street D) Honey Street


7. What does the guide say they can drink in the caf??
A) Tea B) Chocolate
C) Cola D) Coffee


8. What is situated near New Place?
A) A caf? B) A museum
C) A music shop D) A theatre


9. When are they meeting at Courtyard Theatre?
A) At six B) At half past seven
C) At half past six D) At six forty


10. What time are they leaving Stratford?
A) After ten-thirty B) After midnight
C) At midnight D) No later than half past ten


Read the letter and help Joe to write the missing words correctly

… (11) Aunt Emma, Thank you so much for the … (12) presents you got me. I love the video game present you have … (13) for me and I will … (14) take good care of it. When you visit us, I will also show you how much it is. I know it’s very … (15) and I will take care of it. I am really happy to get this gift. I have also sent you a red … (16) band. Hope you liked it. Mom told me red is your favourite colour. When I start … (17) and get money I will … (18) you better gifts like a good house, a good car and I will take trips with you around the world. … (19) Christmas! Loads of Love. Your … (20), Joe.

11. A) Dear B) Deer C) Near D) Darling
12. A) butiful B) beutiful C) beautiful D) beauty
13. A) sand B) send C) sent D) cent
14. A) sure B) surely C) shure D) shurely
15. A) expensive B) expensiv C) ekspensive D) ekspensiv
16. A) air B) hair C) heir D) bear
17. A) erning B) urning C) irning D) earning
18. A) bye B) by C) buy D) bite
19. A) Merry B) Marry C) Ferry D) Carry
20. A) neview B) nefew C) niphew D) nephew


Use the correct verb

21. I … your teacher in the park yesterday.
A) met B) went
C) gave D) took


22. We … the children to the Science Museum last week.
A) gave B) took
C) brought D) saw


23. You … a letter from Sylvia, didn’t you?
A) wrote B) got
C) sent D) bought


24. I … ill yesterday so I missed school.
A) had B) was
C) came D) became


25. We … home late last night.
A) became B) invited
C) lived D) came


26. Alex … a new car last week.
A) bought B) drank
C) brought D) found out


27. He … me he was very busy.
A) said B) spoke
C) talked D) told


28. I … Janet to the cinema last Sunday.
A) invited B) met
C) went D) came across


29. He … all his books at home.
A) lived B) left
C) stayed D) remained


30. I … studying English when I was twelve.
A) wanted B) had
C) began D) promised


Choose the most suitable word

31. Minsk is a … .
A) city B) town C) village D) country


32. The street is … .
A) quite B) noisy C) tall D) length


33. The air is … .
A) hard B) polluted C) sticky D) cloudy


34. The tree is … .
A) tall B) plump C) slow D) bare-footed

35. The film is … .
A) exciting B) excited
C) bored D) an interesting


36. He wanted to take … in the expedition.
A) place B) role
C) part D) interest


37. Children like to … summer holidays at camps.
A) spend B) waste
C) lead D) lose


38. The rain was so … that they decided to stay at home.
A) huge B) big
C) hard D) heavy


39. The boy, … is playing football, is my brother.
A) which B) where
C) who D) whose


40. The teacher … the boy to stand up.
A) said B) told
C) spoke D) talked


Fill in the gaps to make set expressions

41. … mistakes
42. … homework
43. … harm
44. … prayers
45. … a lie
46. … tales
47. … a mess
48. … the shopping
49. … a favour
50. … a few words


What holiday is it? Choose A) B) C) or D)

51. The symbols of this holiday are roses, hearts and nightingales.
52. This holiday is celebrated on the 14th of February.
53. You can kiss a girl/boy if you stand under the branch of mistletoe.
54. They usually make a jack-o’-lantern on this holiday.
55. Children hang special socks for gifts.
56. Children like to go from house to house and say “Treat or trick!”
57. They burn a lot of fires on this day.
58. They celebrate the birthday of Christ.
59. The tradition of sending such greeting cards appeared in the 18th century in England.
60. There is a popular rhyme “Remember, remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.”

Британский Бульдог 2014 - 2015 ответы: 5-6 классы
1             D
2             B
3             C
4             B
5             C
6             C
7             C
8             B
9             C
10           D
11           A
12           C
13           C
14           B
15           A
16           B
17           D
18           C
19           A
20           D
21           A
22           B
23           B
24           B
25           D
26           A
27           D
28           A
29           B
30           C
31           A
32           B
33           B
34           A
35           A
36           C
37           A
38           D
39           C
40           B
41           A
42           C
43           C
44           D
45           B
46           B
47           A
48           C
49           C
50           D
51           C
52           C
53           A
54           D
55           A
56           D
57           B
58           A
59           C
60           B

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