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Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the dialogue and find the correct choices

1. … wants to go to the shop.
A) Sarah B) Mark C) Mary D) Sarah and Mark


2. The boy wants to do the shopping on … .
A) Thursday B) Friday C) Sunday D) Saturday


3. Sarah is not sure if she … .
A) has money B) spent much money
C) goes with Mark D) will go shopping with Mark


4. Sarah … because she didn’t remember Mark’s birthday.
A) apologized B) embarrassed C) astonished D) upset


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5. Mark got the money from his Aunt … .
A) last Thursday B) on the fourteenth
C) yesterday D) two days ago


6. Aunt Mary gave Mark money to buy … .
A) a new video game B) a new trainers
C) a birthday present D) an ice cream


7. Mark is going to buy a present … his birthday money.
A) with B) on C) by D) of


8. Mark is … what to buy as a present.
A) aware B) not sure C) sure D) determined


9. Mark’s dream is to have … .
A) a video game B) trainers
C) a cone of ice cream D) a lot of money


10. Mark agrees to … .
A) go shopping B) forgive Sarah
C) spend money D) buy a big ice cream cone


Read the conversation and then answer the questions

- I was talking to my science teacher yesterday and he says the school trip next year is to Paris. Can I go, Mum?
- I’ll have to think about it. When is the trip and who else is going?
- In the spring, in the school holidays, so I won’t miss any lessons. Jamie’s Mum says he can go and I really want to go too.
- But for how many days? Remember how homesick you were when you went to Auntie Jill’s for a week when you were six.
- Well, I’m older now and I know I’ll be fine. It’s only for five days, Mum!
- But how will you get there? You are scared of flying.
- No problem, we are going by coach.
- How long does it take to get there?
- The coach will leave at four o’clock in the morning and we’ll travel through the Channel Tunnel and arrive in Paris at three o’clock the next afternoon. We’ll stay in a hotel, see the famous sights and go to Disneyland. Think how good it will be for my French!
- That’s true, Leo. You failed your exam last year. Okay, you can go, but don’t forget to bring me a present!


11. When did the boy hear about the trip?
A) The year before. B) The day before.
C) The week before. D) The month before.


12. Why won’t he miss any lessons?
A) The trip is in autumn.
B) The trip is at the weekend.
C) The trip is during the holidays.
D) The trip is in summer.


13. Why does Mum think her son will be homesick?
A) Because he is always homesick.
B) Because he was homesick when he was little.
C) Because he is going to another country.
D) Because he is not visiting his Aunt.


14. How many days did the boy spend at his Aunt’s?
A) Four days. B) Five days. C) Six days. D) Seven days.


15. What is the boy afraid of?
A) His science teacher. B) Missing school.
C) His Mother. D) Travelling by air.


16. What does the boy hope to improve?
A) Hotel. B) Disneyland. C) Famous sights. D) His French.


17. Did he pass his exam in French last year?
A) No, he didn’t. B) Yes, he didn’t.
C) Yes, he did. D) No, he did.


18. What must the boy remember to do?
A) To see the famous sights. B) To pay for his ticket.
C) To buy a gift for his Mum. D) To go to Disneyland.


19. What does Leo’s Mum not ask him about?
A) The length of the trip.
B) The cost of the trip.
C) Who else is going on the trip.
D) The kind of transport.


20. Does Jamie’s Mother let him go to Paris?
A) Yes, she does. B) Yes, she doesn’t.
C) No, she does. D) No, she doesn’t.


Choose the correct answers

21. “Have you ever travelled by plane?” “Yes, last year when I … to Canada.”
A) went B) were C) have been D) have gone


22. Give me a … of bread, please.
A) jar B) glass C) piece D) lump


23. … he helped his Mother and then he went shopping.
A) Before B) After C) First D) After then


24. We haven’t got … bread. Will you go to the shop?
A) no B) some C) many D) any


25. All children enjoy … games.
A) playing B) to play C) play D) played


26. Did he … homework by himself?
A) do B) make C) made D) wrote


27. Nurses usually … after patients in hospitals.
A) go B) take C) look D) care


28. He … me to go to the market and buy some fruit.
A) said B) said to C) told D) spoke


29. Competitive sports sometimes bring out the … in people.
A) worst B) bad C) worse D) baddest


30. … does this book belong to?
A) Whose B) Who C) Which D) What


Choose the correct words

31. Which word can be joined with the suffix “ship”?
A) Worker B) Friend C) Boat D) Boss


32. To describe a person’s appearance.
A) Tall B) Kind C) Honest D) Greedy5


33. We cut down trees with … .
A) a saw B) a knife C) a hammer D) scissors


34. We cut paper or cloth with … .
A) a saw B) a fork C) a hammer D) scissors


35. We don’t need … when we eat.
A) a fork B) a knife C) a spoon D) scissors


36. Thermometer measures the air … .
A) freshness B) pressure C) temperature D) pollution


37. The opposite of the word “upwards” is … .
A) downwards B) downside
C) downtown D) downstream


38. “To look blue” means to … .
A) be happy
B) be tired
C) be sad
D) have bruises on your body


39. You are so … . Please, stop telling me what to do all the time!
A) boastful B) bossy C) sensitive D) easygoing


40. What time will it be in half an hour?

A) A quarter past eight.
B) A quarter to eight.
C) Eight o’clock.
D) Half past eight.


Join the words to make new ones

41. …fast
42. …made
43. …berry
44. …mail
45. …down
46. …work
47. …fall
48. …board
49. …proof
50. …sick


Choose the correct answers

51. Who was the first US president?
A) Jimmy Carter
B) Abraham Lincoln
C) George Washington
D) John Adams


52. Which colours are on the British flag?
A) White, orange, green
B) White, red, blue
C) White, blue, black
D) Red, blue, gold


53. A leap year has … days.
A) 364 B) 365 C) 366 D) 367


54. The most famous lake monster in Scotland is said to live in Loch … .
A) Lomond B) Awe C) Ness D) Lochy


55. “The apple never falls far from the tree” means … .
A) you are always happy
B) a child behaves like his parents
C) you must help your family
D) you should gather apples


56. Cinderella is a story about a … .
A) poor girl B) mermaid
C) sleeping girl D) magic mirror


57. This museum was used as a zoo, prison and treasury.
A) The British Museum
B) Tate Modern
C) The Tower of London
D) Victoria & Albert Museum


58. The name of the giant wheel in London is … .
A) Big Ben B) the London Eye
C) Scotland Yard D) British wheel


59. Who wrote the novel of Robinson Crusoe?
A) Robert Stevenson B) Rudyard Kipling
C) Jonathan Swift D) Daniel Defoe


60. What country is not a part of Great Britain?
A) England B) Scotland C) Iceland D) Wales



Британский Бульдог 2013 ответы: 5-6 классы

1             B
2             D
3             D
4             A
5             C
6             C
7             A
8             B
9             A
10           D
11           B
12           C
13           B
14           D
15           D
16           D
17           A
18           C
19           B
20           A
21           C
22           C
23           D
24           A
25           A
26           C
27           C
28           A
29           B
30           A
31           A
32           A
33           D
34           D
35           C
36           A
37           C
38           B
39           B
40           A
41           A
42           B
43           B
44           C
45           A
46           D
47           B
48           D
49           A
50           C
51           B
52           C
53           C
54           B
55           A
56           C
57           B
58           D
59           C
60           C

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