Представляем вашему вниманию задания и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2011-2012 год для 5-6 классов.




Listen and decide if the statements are true, false or not said:

1.         The children didn't go to the Theme Park because it was raining.
A) True B) False C) Not said

2.         There are only snakes and spiders in the museum.
A) True B) False C) Not said

3.         The children are allowed to do whatever they want.
A) True B) False C) Not said

Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.

4.         There are no dinosaurs in the museum.
A) True B) False C) Not said

5.         Kevin can feed the snakes hotdogs with ketchup.
A) True B) False C) Not said

6.         Snakes don't like hotdogs with or without ketchup.
A) True B) False C) Not said

7.         The children came to the museum on Sunday.
A) True B) False C) Not said

8.         The children are expected to be back at the bus at 4.30.
A) True B) False C) Not said

9.         The children have two hours to see everything that they want to see in the Nature Museum.
A) True B) False C) Not said

10.       The children have been to the Archaeological museum recently.
A) True B) False C) Not said


Read the text and find the right answer

Susan Kente is a "dog-sitter". She looks after people's dogs from Monday to Friday. She wakes up at 5.15 a.m. and 15 minutes later she gets up. She has a shower, she drinks a glass of orange juice and she sometimes has toast and butter. Then she goes outside to the garden and gives the dogs their breakfast, the slowest eats first .Then they all get into Susan's car. It's very dirty! Susan takes the dogs to the park and they run about. She always takes some water and biscuits for them. They go back to the car at 11.00 a.m. and then they go back home. At about 5.00 p.m. the dogs' owners come to collect their dogs. Some people say it's boring to look after the dogs, but Susan doesn't agree.

11.       Susan takes care of the dogs ... a week.
A) two days B) five days C) seven days

12.       She gets up at ... five.
A) a quarter to B) half past C) a quarter past

13.       She has a ... in the morning.
A) bath  B) bathroom C) shower

14.       She always has toasts for breakfast.
A) True           B) False C) Doesn't say

15.       Susan and the dogs go to the park ... .
A) on foot B) on car C) by car

16.       ... is very dirty.
A) Susan B) The dogs C) The car

17.       The dogs run and play in the ... .
A) park           B) garden C) forest

18.       Susan always takes biscuits for ... .
A) herself B) the dogs C) the birds

19.       At eleven o'clock they ... home.
A) come back B) are at C) go back to the

20.       Susan finds her job ... .
A) boring B) dull C) interesting


Choose the correct variant

21.       My book is dull, ... is very interesting.
A) you B) your C) yours

22.       The pupils played . after school.
A) hockey B) the hockey C) in hockey

23.       She is fond of listening . .
A) music B) to music C) by music

24.       Many pupils go . by a school bus.
A) home B) to home C) to the home

25.       He ... the book at home.
A) forget B) stayed C) left

26.       Look! It ... .
A) snows B) snowed C) is snowing

27.       ... you ... the film before?
A) Do...see B) Did...saw C) Have...seen

28.       I have been ill . three weeks.
A) for  B) since C) from

29.       There were only ... people in the park.
A) a few B) little C) many

30.       Would you like ... your holidays in Egypt?
A) spending B) to spend C) to spending


Find the word which has the closest meaning to the given word

31. Seldom                
A) often          B) always        C) rarely

32. Clever                  
A) intelligent  B) stupid         C) dull

33. Modern                
A) nice            B) up-to-date C) beautiful

34. Fast                      
A) quick          B) slow           C) sad

35.       To        cry
A) to ask B) to order C) to shout

36.       To help
A) to give B) to assist        C) to do

37.       To happen
A) to give B) to lie C) to take place

38.       To draw
A) to drive B) to describe  C) to paint

39.       To take part
A) to take B) to part  C) to participate

40.       To start
A) to finish B) to finish C) to race


Choose the best reply

41.       Hello! How are you?
A)        I'm an engineer.
B)        Pleased to meet you.
C)        Fine, thanks. And you?

42.       Would you like some crisps?
A) No, please. B) No, thanks. C) No, okay.

43.       What does she do? She ... .
A)        does secretary
B)        is a secretary
C)        is cooking

44.       We are late for the football match.
A)        Hurry up!
B)        Yes, I'm playing football.
C)        What date is it?

45.       Excuse me, what's the time, please?
A)        I'm late.
B)        I don't have time.
C)        Sorry, I don't have a watch.

46.       Good morning, madam! Can I help you?
A) Yes, please! B) Yes, I like it! C) No, I don't.

47.       Let's stay at home and watch TV tonight.
A) OK! What's on? B) Let's go! C) Do it!

48.       I didn't pass my English exam.
A) Do you? B) Well, I do. C) I'm sorry!

49.       Good-bye!
A) Fine, thank you! B) Bye! C) Hello!

50.       What is the weather like today?
A) Yes, I like it. B) Yes, it is. C) It is fine.


Do you know London? Read the sentences and find the correct answers

51.       London stands on the river ... .
A) Thames B) Clyde C) Avon

52.       Where does Queen Elizabeth II live?
A)        Buckingham Palace
B)        The Tower
C)        Westminster Abbey

53.       It is one of the oldest buildings in London.
A) Whitehall B) The Tower C) Big Ben

54.       It is the most famous clock in the UK.
A) Westminster B) Buckingham C) Big Ben

55.       It is one of the most famous bridges in London over the river Thames.
A) Millennium B) Tower C) Buckingham

56.       You can see many wild animals there.
A) Hyde Park B) The City C) London Zoo

57.       It is one of the most famous museums in the world.
A) Whitehall B) Big Ben C) The British Museum

58.       There are many banks and offices there.
A) Hyde Park B) The Tower C) The City

59.       There is a monument to Admiral Nelson there.
A) Trafalgar Square B) Hyde Park C) London Zoo

60.       It was built by architect Christopher Wren.
A) Whitehall B) The Tower C) St. Paul's Cathedral

Ответы на Британский Бульдог 5-6 классы

1—  A 

11 — B

21 — C 

31 — C 

41 — C 

51 — A 

2 — B 

12 — B 

22 — A 

32 — A 

42 — B 

52 — A 

3 — B 

13 — C 

23 — B 

33 — B 

43 — B 

53 — B 

4 — A 

14 — B

24 — A 

34 — A 

44 — A

54 — C 

5 — B 

15 — C 

25 — C 

35 — C

45 — C

55 — B 

6 — C

16 — C 

26 — C 

36 — B 

46 — A

56 — C 

7 — C 

17 — A 

27 — C 

37 — C 

47 — A 

57 — C 

8 — B 

18 — B 

28 — A 

38 — C 

48 — C 

58 — C 

9 — A 

19 — A

29 — A 

39 — C 

49 — B

59 — A 

10 — C 

20 — C

30 — B 

40 — B 

50 — C 

60 — C

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