Представляем вашему вниманию вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог за 2013-2014 год для 3-4 классов.


Прослушайте текст:
Listen to the text and find the right answers

1. The pupils are visiting the Zoo on ... .
A) Tuesday        
B) Thursday
C) Friday            
D) Saturday

2.            The day is ... .
A) rainy
B) not sunny
C) bright
D) nasty


3.            David Edwards is a .
A) teacher
B) zoo keeper
C) trainer
D) football player


4.            The children are from the school in ... .

A) London         
B) Cardiff
C) Manchester 
D) Plymouth


5.            The tenth of April is ... day.
A) a usual          
B) a special
C) a sad               
D) a bad


Как сделать такие снежинки из бумаги - смотрим ЗДЕСЬ.


6.            The baby tiger's name is ... .
A) Anne              
B) Bell
C) Mary               
D) Ellie


7.            Ellie was born three ... ago.
A) days
C) months         
D) years


8.            Ellie usually eats ... .
A) meat              
B) fish
C) grass               
D) ice-cream


9.            Ellie and Martha like to play ... .
A) with other animals
B) tennis
C) with the children     
D) football


10.          The children must be quiet because Ellie ... .
A) watches other animals
B) may be sleeping
C) eats meat     
D) plays football


Read the dialogue and change the pictures with words
Sam and Terry are making a shopping list.

Sam: Have we got any (11)?
Terry: Yes, we've got some.
Sam: We haven't got any (12) and there isn't any (13). Shall we buy some?
Terry: Ok. We'll get them.
Sam: What about (14) and (15)?
Terry: Oh, don't worry. We've got enough of those.
Sam: Do we have any (16)?
Terry: Not much. We need some (17), some (18) and some (19).
Sam: Finally, we've got to buy some (20) and drinks.

11. A)    bread    B) butter             C)           cake      D)           pie
12. A)    oil          B) cheese           C)           butter   D)           bread
13. A)    cheese B) butter             C)           yogurt  D)           sour cream
14. A)    plums   B) grapes            C)           oranges               D)           tomatoes
15. A)    peas      B) nuts               C)             melons                              D)             potatoes
16. A)    nuts       B) berries           C)           fruits     D)           vegetables
17. A)    plums   B) apples            C)           pears    D)           pineapples
18. A)    melons                B) bananas         C)           cucumbers         D)           egg-plants
19. A)    apples  B) raspberry C) pineapples        D)           tomatoes
20. A)    juice      B) milk C)           lemonade          D)           water

Choose the correct variant
21.          Tom ... television every evening.
A) look
B) is watching
C) watches        
D) is looking

22.          ... a tree on the blackboard!
A) Sing
B) Play
C) Clap
D) Draw


23.          Ann didn't ... her teeth in the morning.
A) brush             
B) brushed
C) brushing       
D) brushes


24.          A postman usually … letters.
A) read
B) mails
C) delivers        
D) sends

25.          Look! The dog ... Mary's birthday cake.
A) is eating       
B) eats
C) is eaten         
D) eat


26.  Summer is the … season.
A) warmer         
B) coldest
C) hottest          
D) hotter


27.          I've got ... money. I can't buy this CD.
A) much             
B) little
C) many              
D) few


28.          A doctor for animals is a ...
A) wet 
B) vet
C) pet  
D) zoologist


29.          In some countries ... very hot.
A) there is         
B) is
C) it      
D) it is


30.          Have you seen Peter? Yes, I ... him yesterday.
A) see  
B) sees
C) saw 
D) will see


Look at the girl and name the parts of her body

31. These are her ... .
A) fingers
B) toes
C) legs 
D) hands


32. This is her ...
A) forehead
B) nose               
C) chin 
D) mouth


33. These are her . .
A) arms
B) shoulders     
C) toes
D) fingers


34. This is her ... .
A) neck
B) stomach        
C) lips  
D) mouth


35. These are her . .
A) freckles
B) moles            
C) scars               
D) spots


36. This is her . .
A) ear
B) chin 
C) cheek             
D) teeth


37. This                is her . .                              
A) hairs                              
B) hair 
C) fringe             
D) knot


38. This                is her . .                              
A) eye                 
B) ear   
C) cheek             
D) lip


39. This                is her . .                              
A) back               
B) shoulder       
C) elbow            
D) knee


40. This                is her . .                              
A) back               
B) shoulder       
C) elbow            
D) knee


Choose the correct picture

41.          It is the fastest way of travelling long distances.
42.          You can enjoy wonderful weather during the voyage.
43.          Walking is good for your health.
44.          You can feel airsick.
45.          There are usually passengers and a driver in it.
46.          You don't buy tickets or petrol.
47.          There are many traffic jams.
48.          Some people feel seasick.
49.          It is a very good exercise to keep fit.
50.          You can sit on the deck and admire beautiful view.


Британский Бульдог 2013 ответы: 3-4 классы

1          B
2          C
3          B
4          C
5          B
6          D
7          B
8          A
9          D
10        B
11        A
12        C
13        A
14        D
15        D
16        C
17        B
18        B
19        C
20        B
21        C
22        D
23        A
24        C
25        A
26        C
27        B
28        B
29        D
30        C
31        B
32        A
33        D
34        B
35        A
36        C
37        B
38        B
39        D
40        C
41        B
42        C
43        D
44        B
45        A
46        D
47        A
48        C
49        D
50        C

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