Представляем вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) за 2010-2011 год для 5-6 классов.  Ответы находятся внизу страницы, после вопросов.





Прослушайте текст:

Listen to the sentences and choose the right answer


1. How old is Mary?

A) Forty B) Fourteen C) Twenty four


2. What time is it?

A) Twelve B) Ten C) One


3. How many students are there in the class? … three.

A) Twenty B) Thirty C) Forty


4. The next bus to London is at … p.m.

A) one B) two C) three


5. She wants … biscuits.

A) any B) one C) some


6. Mr. Rossi is invited to go to the … desk.

A) sports B) check-in C) information


7. Flight AZ677 to Toronto is boarding at gate … .

A) Eight B) Eighteen C) Five


8. Passengers must go to the gate for … .

A) control B) boarding C) information


9. Kate has a broken … .

A) foot B) arm C) leg


10. The pupils … to study English.

A) want B) wants C) don’t want



Read the text and fill in the gaps using the right words


Everybody … (11) that cats love sleeping. They spend half of their … (12) asleep and enjoy every minute of it. Other animals … (13) very different sleeping habits, however. For example, … (14) horses may not look like they … (15) asleep, but they are! Horses only spend three hours asleep … (16) day and they do it standing up! Fish sleep for about seven hours but they too have strange habits – they don’t close their eyes to sleep. So, what about people? Most … (17) us sleep for about a third of our lives. But the … (18) of hours we sleep depend on the age. Newborn babies sleep a lot – about seventeen hours in every twenty four. Children need about eleven hours and grown-ups sleep for about eight hours every night. But you’re not just asleep – you’re not really doing nothing. … (19) happens during sleep. Dreams are one way that the … (20) rests after a busy day.


11. A) know B) knows C) knew


12. A) life B) lifes C) lives


13. A) have B) has C) had


14. A) any B) some C) much


15. A) be B) were C) are


16. A) the B) a C) no article


17. A) of B) for C) about


18. A) many B) most C) number


19. A) A lot B) A lot of C) Many


20. A) legs B) body C) mind



Read the text again and find the correct answer


21. … sleep half of their lifetime.

А) Horses B) Cats C) People


22. The animals have … sleeping habits.

А) the same B) similar C) various


23. When horses sleep they … .

А) lie B) stand C) don’t stand


24. … don’t have strange sleeping habits.

А) Fish B) Horses C) Cats


25. … sleep less than other animals in this story.

А) Fish B) Horses C) Cats


26. The length of our sleep … .

А) depends on how old we are B) depends on our work C) depends on our rest


27. … need more sleep.

А) Grown-ups B) Children C) Babies


28. Babies sleep seventeen hours … .

А) a day B) a week C) a night


29. When you sleep you do nothing.

А) It’s true B) I agree C) It’s wrong


30. Dreams help people to … .

А) sleep well B) relax C) work better



Choose the correct form of the nouns


31. I have many … in the box.

А) toy B) toyes C) toys


32. All the … had wonderful hats.

А) ladies B) ladys C) lady


33. Peter likes … very much.

А) potato B) potatos C) potatoes


34. In autumn the … cover the ground.

А) leaf B) leaves C) leafes


35. … deliver newspapers to our houses.

А) Postman B) Postmans C) Postmen


36. I saw many … in the village.

А) sheep B) sheeps C) sheepes


37. There are many books on the … .

А) shelves B) shelfes C) shelfs


38. The … were arrested and put into prison.

А) thief B) thiefs C) thieves


39. There are many … in the Russian forests.

А) deer B) deers C) deeres


40. I know that … are very strong animals.

А) ox B) oxes C) oxen



Fill in the correct prepositions


41. Come … and take a seat, please.

А) out B) in C) at


42. Where do you come … originally?

А) to B) in C) from


43. He will come … home in two weeks.

А) out B) to C) back


44. I have never come … a person like Steve.

А) across B) out C) about


45. Come … or we will be late!

А) about B) for C) on


46. It’s late. We should go … now.

А) back B) forward C) ahead


47. Go … ! Leave me alone!

А) ahead B) along C) away


48. Go … , we are all listening.

А) back В) ahead C) forward


49. Go … with your work until I come back.

А) forward B) on C) along


50. That shade of blue goes … your eyes.

А) up B) in C) with



Guess what it is


51. I can tell you all the day: time to sleep and time to play.

А) Mother B) A clock C) A book


52. What letter can read?

А) I B) R С) B


53. What letter is a drink?

А) J B) L С) T


54. When I ride, I’m all right. When I stop, I flop.

А) A car B) A bike C) An engine


55. If you lose it once, you can never find it again.

А) Money B) Road C) Time


56. What does a bear have that no other animal have?

А) A cub B) A bear cub C) A forest


57. What is white outside and yellow inside?

A) A chicken B) A lemon C) An egg


58. What is it that you can keep after giving it to somebody else?

А) A word B) A book C) A present


59. In what month do people talk the least?

А) February B) March C) April


60. What box walks and talks?

А) A box office B) A box of chocolates C) A chatterbox



1— B

2 — A

3 — B

4 — C

5 — C

6 — C

7 — B

8 — B

10 — A

11 — B

12 — C

13 — A

14 — B

15 — C

16 — B

17 — A

18 — C

19 — A

20 — C

21 — B

22 — C

23 — B

24 — C

25 — B

26 — A

27 — C

28 — A

29 — C

30 — B

31 — C

32 — A

33 — C

34 — B

35 — C

36 — A

37 — A

38 — C

39 — A

40 — C

41 — B

42 — C

43 — C

44 — A

45 — C

46 — A

47 — C

48 — B

49 — B

50 — C

51 — B

52 — A

53 — C

54 — B

55 — C

56 — B

57 — C

58 — A

59 — A

60 — C

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