Представляем вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) за 2010-2011 год для 7-8 классов.  Ответы находятся под вопросами.




Прослушайте текст:

Listen to the news and choose the correct answer


1. Mrs. Jones … .

A) works in Chester B) didn’t work C) is a burglar


2. Mrs. Jones’ flat was … .

A) attacked B) robbed C) burgled


3. The burglar was tall and … .

A) thin B) athletic C) thickset


4. The man had … .

A) a scar B) a beard C) fair hair


5. The police … the burglar.

A) have arrested B) are still in search of C) do nothing to arrest


6. The height of the tallest man is two meters and … .

A) forty B) fifty C) fifteen


7. Which is correct?

A) They have tried to save the dolphin.

B) They have done nothing.

C) They didn’t use surgical instruments.


8. Mr. Bow … to help the animals.

A) got into the stomachs B) extended his arm C) used surgical instruments


9. The mouths were held open with the … .

A) surgical instruments B) hands C) towels


10. The dolphins are … now.

A) quite well B) still unwell C) feeling better



Read the text and choose the right forms from the variants below


Once … (11) beautiful maple tree grew in the centre of a large park. All summer it was covered with green leaves. Many people sat on the green grass under it and enjoyed its … (12) shade. But along with the fall came a change in the maple tree. Its green leaves began to turn red and yellow. So everyone said, "How beautiful … (13)!” The maple tree was glad to hear it and she became proud and vain. She spread out her branches so far that a little pine close by was almost hidden from … (14). "It doesn’t matter,” said the maple, "No one cares to look at him, he is … (15) plain little tree.” The pine heard the unkind words and sighed. Just then a cold wind passed and said, "Why do you sigh, little pine?” The pine replied, "I sigh because the maple is so … (16) beautiful than I am”. The wind felt sorry … (17) him and whispered, "Only wait!” In a few days the leaves of the maple tree turned brown and fell to the ground. When the snow came, there was but one bright … (18) spot in the whole park, the brave pine with the needles … (19) they were when they first came … (20).


11. A) a B) the C) o


12. А) hot B) cool C) sunny


13. A) the tree is B) is the tree C) the tree


14. A) scenery B) sight C) scene


15. A) so B) such C) such a


16. A) more B) much more C) much


17. A) for B) with C) at


18. A) cheerful B) the cheerful C) cheerless


19. A) so green B) as green as C) green as


20. A) by B) out C) near



Choose the correct form


21. He left the … on the table.

А) keys B) keyes C) keies


22. Many … have been shot.

А) wolf B) wolfs C) wolves


23. I like … pictures over there.

А) that B) these C) those


24. There are many …-doctors in the hospital.

А) woman B) womens C) women


25. Nick’s mother and my mother are … .

А) housewives B) houseswives C) housewifes


26. Your trousers … too long.

А) are B) is C) was


27. The scissors … sharp.

А) is B) was C) are


28. Physics … my best subject at school.

А) are B) is C) were


29. The news … so exciting that I couldn’t sleep.

А) was B) were C) is


30. The police … arrested the thief.

А) have B) has C) was


Fill in the correct prepositions


31. Don’t worry, she will look … the kids.

A) at B) on C) after


32. I’m looking … Steve. Have you seen him?

А) at B) for C) on


33. Look … ! There’s a car coming.

А) out B) for C) at


34. You should look … the new words in the dictionary.

А) up B) at C) on


35. He looks … on anyone who doesn’t have a college education.

А) at B) down C) up


36. Put your coat … before you go outside.

А) in B) on C) off


37. Well, put … your books and start writing.

А) aside B) across C) out


38. Please, put your phone number … my book.

А) out in B) down in C) away in


39. The meeting has been put … till next week.

А) out B) away C) off


40. The firefighters managed to put … the fire.

A) out B) off C) away



Use the correct form of the verb


41. He … down and broke his leg.

А) felt B) fell C) falls


42. The young man … that a sunray was playing on his face.

А) fell B) felt C) filled


43. I had lost my keys and was glad when I … them.

А) found B) founded C) find


44. The birds … away in autumn.

А) flow B) flown C) flew


45. He didn’t admit that he had … to his parents.

А) lied B) laid C) lain


46. Please don’t … from the sofa and don’t move!

А) rise B) raise C) rose


47. She … her head and didn’t look up at me.

А) didn’t rise B) didn’t raise C) didn’t rose


48. Mr. Brown … in bed and didn’t want to get up.

А) laid B) lay C) lied


49. The waitress … the knives and forks on the table.

А) layed B) laid C) lied


50. When I entered the room she was … in bed and reading.

А) laying B) lieing C) lying



Help Tom and Ann find the way



Help Tom to get to the museum


51. Go … Victoria Street.

А) along B) across C) ahead


52. Take the first turning … .

А) left B) on the left C) to the left


53. Go straight ahead … the traffic lights.

А) near B) by C) to


54. Cross the street … the crossing.

А) near B) at C) by


55. The museum is … the end of the street.

А) at B) in C) by



Help Ann to get to the bus stop


56. Go straight ahead … the library.

А) at B) past C) over


57. Turn … into Park Street.

А) left B) on the left C) to the left


58. Cross Sun Street and then turn … .

А) left B) on the right C) to the right


59. The bus stop is … the supermarket.

А) behind B) past C) next to


60. … the bus you need.

A) Take B) Get C) Have


1 —B

11 —A

21 —A

31 —C 

41 —B 

51 —A 

2 —C 

12 —B

22 —C 

32 —B

42 —B 

52 —B 

3 —C

13 —A 

23 —C 

33 —A 

43 —A

53 —C

4 —A 

14 —B 

24 —C

34 —A

44 —C 

54 —B 

5 —B

15 —C

25 —A

35 —B 

45 —A 

55 —A

6 —B 

16 —B 

26 —A 

36 —B 

46 —A 

56 —B

7 —A

17 —A 

27 —C 

37 —A 

47 —B 

57 —A 

8 —B 

18 —A 

28 —B

38 —B 

48 —B 

58 —C 

9 —C

19 —B 

29 —A 

39 —C 

49 —B 

59 —C

10 —C 

20 —B 

30 —A

40 —A 

50 —C 

60 —A

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