Представляем вопросы и ответы на конкурс Британский бульдог (British Bulldog) за 2009 год для 9-11 классов.  Ответы находятся после вопросов - в конце страницы.



Прослушайте текст:

I. Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answer


1. The woman is already studying … languages.

A) two B) three C) four


2.  She … for the first lesson.

A) is late B) doesn't want to be late C) is in time


3. Her German classes are on …

A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays


4. She would have preferred to study …

A) French B) Italian C) Spanish


5. She … French.

A) knows B) can understand C) remembers some grammar and words in


6. Being in France she …

A) had no problems B) had a lot of problems C)  spoke fluent French


7. Her French classes are on …

A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays


8. She will be out … evenings a week.

A) two B) three C)   four


9. They usually went bowling on …

A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays


10. She suggested the man and Bob study …

A) Italian B) German C) Spanish



II. Read the text and answer the questions


The most famous lifesaver in history saved thousands of lives and many ships. He first appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. For more than twenty years he guided ships through dangerous waters. He could not read or write and he had no training. The sailors called him Jack and he was a dolphin. Near the coast of New Zealand there is a dangerous passage called French Pass. It had a bad reputation until Jack arrived. For over twenty years Jack met passing ships. He swam near the ship but when it reached the passage he swam in front of the ship until it was on the other side of French Pass. In 1903 a passenger on board the "Penguin” drank too much and fired a gun at Jack. The sailors were angry and wanted to throw him into the sea, but the captain stopped them. Everybody thought Jack was dead, but he was not. True, he never met the "Penguin” again. One day the ship hit the rocks in the Pass and was lost. Jack probably died of old age in 1912 but he wasn't forgotten. There is a statue erected to his memory on the beach of Wellington .


11. This story is about a dolphin that helped ships many years ago.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say


12. Jack was trained to guide ships through French Pass.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say


13. Before Jack's arrival many ships were lost when they went through French Pass.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say


14. The sailors on the "Penguin” wanted to punish the passenger who shot at Jack.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say


15. People forgot about Jack when he died.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say


16. Jack is famous because …

A) he was unpaid B) he saved many ships C) he didn't have any training


17. Which is correct?

A) New Zealand is dangerous B) The passengers shot at Jack C) With Jack, French Pass was safer


18. The sailors on board the "Penguin” wanted to …

A) shoot the passenger B) throw him overboard C) put him ashore


19. Which is correct?

A) Jack never guided the "Penguin” again B) The "Penguin” sank because there wasn't a pilot C) The "Penguin” never went to Pass again


20. Jack …

A) remembered a statue in Wellington B) probably died because he was old C) was shot because he was too old



III. Choose the correct variant


21. The director dislikes … work early.

A) if I'm leaving B) it I leave C) my leaving


22. Your salary is the same …

A) as her B) as hers C) like hers


23. They stood and watched the child … both sandwiches.

A) eat B) ate C) had eaten


24. The heat … us all leave early.

A) caused B) made C) forced


25. They are planning a …

A) two-hour session B) two-hours session C) session of two hours


26. Would you please … during the meeting?

A) no smoking B) not smoke C) don't smoke


27. He said that this machine required far … repairs than the others.

A) less B) lesser C)   fewer


28. Did you like the article? Yes, rarely … anything so well written.

A) I have read B) did I read C) have I read


29. They … at home. The lights are off.

A) can't be B) must be C) mustn't be


30. Mary is sick of her job. Well, I suggest that she … for a transfer.

A) would ask B) asks C) ask



IV. Choose the correct word to fill the gaps


31. Your … to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

A) attention B) approval C) support


32. I hope my opinion will be taken into …

A) attention B) advantage C) consideration


33. I am writing in … with our next monthly meeting.

A) response B) reply C) connection


34. I am writing to you … my health insurance policy.

A) connecting B) referring C) concerning


35. I would be grateful … further information.

A) receiving B) to receive C) receive


36. Any help you can provide will be …

A) gratifying B) grateful C) appreciated


37. I regret to … you that I cannot attend the meeting.

A) say B) inform C) reply


38. Do not … to contact me if you have further questions.

A) avoid B) bother C) hesitate


39. I give your proposal my wholehearted …

A) approval B) sustenance C) approbation


40. I would appreciate your … attention to this matter.

A) prompt B) soon C) fast



V. Choose the correct form


41. The … must be intelligent and well-educated people.

A) editors-in-chief B) editor-in-chiefs C) editor-in-chief


42.  Her favourite flowers were …

A) forgets-me-not B) forget-me-not C) forget-me-nots


43. I've used many new and important … in my report.

A) datum B) data C) datas


44. About two … workers took part in the strike.

A) thousandes B) thousands C) thousand


45. This … is poorly studied.

A) phenomenon B) phenomenons C) phenomena


46. Look ! The gate … open!

A) is B) are C) was


47. I'm sure that the gates … been locked.

A) has B) have C) had


48. Billiards … an interesting game.

A) are B) is C)   were


49. Three days … long enough for a good holiday.

A) isn't B) aren't C)   weren't


50. She had a wonderful three-… holiday in July.

A) week B) weekes C)   weeks



VI. Fill the gaps with the correct word


51. We lost our … in the forest.

A) way B) wait C) weigh


52. Police described her attacker as a white … aged 25.

A) male B) mail C) nail


53. You are my best friend in the … wide world.

A) whole B) hole C) broad


54. Anti-age creams always … well.

A) cell B) sell C) make


55. Lucy sat down on the bottom …

A) stare B) stair C) stairs


56. Children under four travel half-…

A) fair B) spare C) fare


57. Johnson was the political … as the leader of the party.

A) heir B) air C) fair


58. Queen Victoria … from 1837 to 1901.

A) rain B) rained C) reigned


59. Her hair was … jet black.

A) die B) died C) dyed


60. He woke up with a temperature and a … throat.

A) saw B) sour C) sore


1 —A

11 —A

21 —C

31 —A

41 —A

51 —A

2 —B

12 —B

22 —B

32 —C

42 —C

52 —A

3 —A

13 —A

23 —A

33 —C

43 —B

53 —A

4 —B

14 —A

24 —B

34 —C

44 —C

54 —B

5 —C

15 —B

25 —A

35 —B

45 —A

55 —B

6 —B

16 —B

26 —B

36 —C

46 —A

56 —C

7 —B

17 —C

27 —C

37 —B

47 —B

57 —A

8 —C

18 —B

28 —C

38 —C

48 —B

58 —C

9 —C

19 —A

29 —A

39 —A

49 —A

59 —C

10 —C

20 —B

30 —C

40 —A

50 —A

60 —C

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